#069 - Nicole Poirier: Intermittent Fasting, Delicious and Interesting Recipes, Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF), Diet Fails, Satiety Index, Calorie Factors, Body Recompisition, And More!


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8:30 - Nicole's Background

15:05 - Writing The Intermittent Fasting Cookbook

16:35 -Healthy Approach To Food Sensitives

17:50 - Elimination Diets For Testing

19:00 - Intolerance To Veggies: Bio-Individuality

20:00 - Comfort In Restriction

21:00 - The Importance Of Variety, Or Lack Thereof

21:50 - Safety In Restriction

23:00 - Carnivore Freedom

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26:30 - Zero Fiber Diet

27:20 - Nicole's Improvement On Keto

28:10 - Nicole's Intermittent Fasting Start

30:50 - Reflection Of Health In The Eyes

31:40 - Long-Term "Diets": Keto, Paleo, Carnivore

33:00 - Incorporating Colorful Carbs And White Rice

34:00 - Carbs For Hormones And Cycle

34:50 - Biohacking As A Concept

36:20 - Starting Biohacking

39:15 - Intermittent Fasting Vs Food Choices: Which Is More Powerful?

40:35 - Food For Health

42:35 - What Determines Nutrient Density?

45:00 - Food Studies About Plant Compounds

46:00 - Pharmacokinetics Of Plants

​47:05 - The Role Of Calories In Weight Loss

50:30 - Energy Partitioning

52:00 - Diet Failures

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55:50 - Intermittent Fasting Study Idea

58:00 - Science Of Food

59:30 - Foods For Satiety With Less Calories

1:00:55 - Volume Vs Calorie Density

1:03:05 - Macronutrient Balance For Satiety

1:04:00 - Satiety Index

1:07:30 - Capsaicin To Reduce Hunger

1:09:00 - PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast)

1:10:05 - Rapid Fat Loss

1:10:15 - Problems with BMI

1:11:30 - Muscle Sparing

1:12:50 - How PSMF Works

1:14:00 - Nicole's Next Book Ideas

1:18:10 - PSMF Delicious Recipes

1:19:30 - Weight Loss and Anti-Inflammatory Effects

1:21:10 - Additional Modified Fasting Techniques

1:21:30 - The Recipes

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