#065 - Mira And Jayson Calton: Bone Health, Micronutrient Deficiencies, Osteoporosis, Multivitamin Problems, Calcium, Vitamin K, Acid/Alkaline BaseOmega 3s, Osteogenic Loading, And More!


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8:10 - Mira's Story: Reversing Osteoporosis - The Core Of Health Conditions

13:00 - What Is Bone? The Types Of Bone, Role Of Protein, Etc.

15:20 - The Role Of Flexibility In Bone Health

15:40 - Peak Bone Mass

18:00 - How Is Bone Broken Down And Rebuilt: Osteoclasts And Osteoblasts

19:45 - Osteopenia And Osteoporosis And DEXA Scans - The Importance Of Getting A Baseline And How It Can Affect You

24:05 - How Do They Determine The Standards?

26:15 - Is Osteoporosis Deadly?

27:20 - The Connection To Mineral Deficiency​

29:05 - Conventional Pharmaceuticals: How Do Bisphosphonates Work Or Cause Bones To Become Brittle?

33:30 - What Role Do Micronutrients Play? Can We Supplement?

39:35 - The Role Of Food Vs Lifestyle And Supplements

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41:30 - Micronutrients From Food Vs Supplements, And The Problems With Multivitamins

44:05 - Competing Nutrients

45:45 - Breaking Down Nutrients, Antinutrients

47:30 - Calcium Supplementation Concerns, Forms, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2

51:10 - K1 Vs K2 (MK4 Vs MK7)

53:40 - The Problem Of K With D

54:50 - The Fat Delivery System

55:30 - Low Fat Diet Problems

1:00:10 - Meal Timing, OMAD And Reaching Micronutrient Sufficiency

1:03:20 - Separating Vitamins

1:06:00 - The Role Of Protein In Building Bone

1:10:55 - Excess Protein, Blood PH, The Acid/Alkaline Diet

1:13:25 - Leeching Calcium From Bones: Salt And The Crave Cycle

1:14:30 - Blood Tests For Calcium Levels

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1:17:30 - SpectraCell

1:17:40 - Dairy For Bone Health?

1:18:40 - Alcohol And Bone Health

1:23:30 - Omega 3s

1:27:40 - DHA And EPA Competition: Krill Vs Fish Oil

1:32:00 - The Problem With Olive Oil

1:33:30 - The Role Of Osteogenic Loading

1:39:00 - How Fast Can Changes Happen?

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