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Hi, guys, and welcome to another episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast. I am so excited to be here. Today, we're actually talking about the newest craze and social media app called Clubhouse. Within this episode, what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to share what you need to know about Clubhouse, why I'm so excited about it. We're going to talk about some of the features of ClubhouseI'd love to discuss how we can utilize and leverage this particular platform to actually get the word out about our practice and to be able to get new patients.

I'm super excited to be sharing information about this app. Interestingly, I have been on the app for probably about maybe five to six weeks, and what I've seen happen over the last five or six weeks is seeing dental professionals now have a place where they can come together, they can connect, they can collaborate. They can share, they can have conversations in real time. I have seen myself get into different dental rooms as a moderator. I've also been in rooms where I have been a listener of conversations.

And what's really exciting about the app is that this is not obviously a dental app. This is an app where you can learn about all things. I am personally very fascinated in trying to learn a lot more about cryptocurrency. I'm actually in rooms learning, taking tons of notes. Really, really excited about this app. A lot of people are asking, "How can I get access to Clubhouse?" Well, right now Clubhouse is an iPhone only application and how you're able to get access is to go ahead and to reserve your username.

And then other members of the app, once you're reserving your username, your friends may receive a notification that you have requested your username and they may have an option if they have invites. Sometimes they get that option even if they don't have invites to go ahead and get you into the app. If you know people who are inside of the app, you can also have them to get you in by having them to add you in as a contact and by you actually giving them access to your iPhone telephone number.

There's a little bit of a mysterious algorithm as it relates to how are we getting invites. Invites are coming as you are opening up rooms, and this is an engagement app. So as we're opening up rooms for discussion, Clubhouse is giving us more invites. And that way we can, again, get our friends inside of the app. Once you're inside of the app, there's a few things that you're going to want to do. Number one, you're going to want to go ahead and set up your profile. And that is where you can go ahead and put in your information.

If you are a dentist, you can go ahead and put in where you practice, things that you're passionate about. If you're doing some things outside of dentistry, you can go ahead and add those things in your bio as well. What's most important with your bio is to actually go ahead and make sure that your first three lines, that's the preview, that's what people see when they're scrolling, you'll want to make sure that that has a lot of really pertinent information so that people can quickly see what you're known for, what you're doing inside of your bio.

The other thing that's really interesting about this app is that as of this recording, there's no way to actually message people within the app. You do have the ability to go ahead and link in your Instagram profile, as well as your Twitter profile and your settings. You're definitely going to want to do that. I personally have seen my Instagram following grow significantly. As people are in rooms, as you're in rooms listening, as you're in rooms talking, then what happens is that people are looking at your bios.

They're seeing what's on your Instagram, and they have that way to instant message you within Instagram. A few other things to consider as it relates to Clubhouse is, how does it work in terms of the rooms? Typically, how it works is you have rooms and these are discussion rooms that anyone who is using the app can go ahead and set up. I have been inside of dental rooms that were talking about practice culture. I have been in dental rooms talking about the newest technology that you can put into your practice.

I have been in rooms talking about dental marketing, growing your practice, firing your team. Anyone can go into the app, start a discussion room, get some others in there, and you start having that connection. Now, as you're starting the room, you are actually coming in as the moderator. That means that you have the ability to be able to bring people up to the stage, and up to the stage is the ability for them to go ahead and talk.

How it works is followers of that room, once they're getting the notification or they're seeing it's scheduled and they're coming into the room, they can raise their hand to go ahead and come up to the stage. There's actually three different sections. There's a stage, which is where the moderator sits, as well as anyone who's speaking. You have a middle section, which is people who are being followed by the moderator.

These are people that the moderators are following and you'll see their profiles. And then below that, you'll see the section of others who are included in the conversation. Now, some of the best rooms that I have been a part of have actually had multiple moderators.

And it's been pretty, pretty fun and exciting within the dental space for me to actually co-moderate rooms with other dental coaches or dental consultants, being able to collaborate, to be able to share our collective knowledge and experience of what we've seen work with practices, and to be able to get other dental professionals to come in and have their questions asked as it relates to practice management, hiring, profitability, leadership, how do we get our teams aligned, practice culture. I've also been in some rooms as the listener.

Others I've seen inside of our industry do Clubhouse rooms talking about, for example, dental tourism and the risks that come with that. And I've been able to participate as a listener, raise my hand and give input in terms of my thoughts on dental tourism and some of the risks that I've seen as well. A really, really great area, great opportunity to connect. Now, the question is, how do we find other dental professionals? Well, back when I joined Clubhouse, I actually thought, I'm not seeing a lot of dentist.

I'm not seeing a lot of dental professionals, and I want to be able to learn. I want to be able to listen in on their rooms. I want to be able to connect and collaborate. And so I actually reached out to Clubhouse and created the first dentist room or Dentist Club inside of Clubhouse. We have hundreds of dental professionals that are now within that club.

And the value there is that if anyone is in the club who is starting up a conversation, starting up a room, now other members of that Dentist Club will be able to have that notification or be able to see that there is a discussion room going on. And now as we are each starting different rooms, we can get more dental professionals in the room. It's a great way to be able to connect and to collaborate with other dental professionals. If you are in Clubhouse and you're not yet a member of Dentist Club, you definitely want to make sure that you're in there.

This club is not a Delivering WOW room or Delivering WOW club. In fact, we have actually set it up where any member of the club can go ahead and create your own discussion rooms. I've seen dental professionals come in. There was actually a group from Australia, a few dentists that were wanting to connect and discuss topics as it relates to dentistry in Australia, and a dentist there created a room talking about having it entitled Australian Dentist Unite. I highly recommend, if you are a member of Dentist Club, go ahead and start a room.

The power of starting a room within Dentist Club is that you're able to leverage the club, again, to be able to get your message in front of other dental professionals. A few other things that's been really fun actually for the last few nights inside of Dentist Club is a member, somebody coming in and saying, "Hey, let's get on and just chat." Discussions have been starting like at 9:00 at night and we've had people talking about dental events. Are you ready to get back to dental events?

There've been discussions that have been about technology, and the discussions just winds up being like a big group, a three-way or four-way call, or people getting together and just chatting and having a good time. Right now that's what we crave the most, right? We crave connection. And what I typically say is that in our front pocket, we have our friends and our family and perhaps even our spouse. But in our back pocket, we have our people, our tribe, people that get us. That's what this Clubhouse is.

It's a great way to be able to connect with people who get us, who are fellow dental professionals. A few other things as it relates to a Clubhouse. Once you're inside of the app, how it works is that you have the moderators. If you are in the audience, you want to get onto the stage. If you have a question or if you have a comment or a pearl, you can within the app go ahead and raise your hand, and then the moderator can get you up to pull you to the stage. You also have the ability to ping people in.

If it's a discussion room that you are getting a lot of value from, you can actually go in, there's a plus sign at the bottom, and you can go ahead and start pinging in your other dental friends so that they can be a part of the conversation. You also have the ability... The question is, are we always going to be able to get or have notifications going off about Clubhouse?

You have the ability within your settings, you go into your profile and then there's actually a settings gear, and you can go ahead and turn off your notifications in the evening, or you can set your notifications of how frequently that you want to be notified. In case you're wondering, is this app something that you can use to be able to get patients into your practice? The answer is actually absolutely yes. Some students of my marketing program have actually been testing using Clubhouse to be able to get new patients.

Typically, what we are teaching in our marketing program is to do a weekly Q and A, a weekly Tooth Talk Thursday, talking about different dental topics on your practice's Facebook page, which of course, you can leverage and put on your Google My Business. You can use for YouTube. But what we are actually testing is getting out and creating a discussion room about a specific dental topic.

Now, the question is, how are we going to get access to the local people in our community, so that people in our community are actually seeing our rooms that we're setting up to talk about these dental topics? What I would recommend is actually going in and following the people that you're friends with who are in your local community, right? Your friends, your contacts. And that way you will follow them, they follow you. And that way they will see the rooms that you're opening.

But another way that you can get access to people who are local and have them to start seeing what you're doing in terms of your rooms is to actually go ahead and start following clubs that are within your actual area. For example, if I live in Atlanta, there's a club that is about entrepreneurs of Atlanta or any other discussion group as it relates to Atlanta.

Well, if I'm in there and I'm looking at people's bios and I'm seeing that they're in Atlanta, and it looks like someone who I would like to connect with or have a connection with, or we have something in common and they're also in Atlanta, then now you are building a network of more people that are within Atlanta. And again, as you're opening up your rooms, they will see that you have a room.

And once you're having that discussion, you can say, "Hey, if there's anybody else here in Atlanta that you feel would benefit from hearing this discussion, go ahead and ping them into the room. You'll see that plus sign," and then now your network and your following will start to build.

Over time, once you're consistent, if you have a room, for example, every week talking about a different dental topic, how do you beautify your smile with veneers, or how to replace missing teeth, three different ways, or the best time to take your kids to the dentist, or do we really need a filling, or how can we prevent bad breath, or any topic, right? Then now you become that expert. I have seen some of our marketing students have really good success already on Clubhouse in a really short time.

You are able to change out your profile picture as you're discussing or having a room. I've seen some people change out their profile pictures to before and after pictures, so that you can actually see what they're teaching through this app. It's incredible. Definitely encourage you to play around with it, get in there and see what's possible for you in terms of you becoming that expert inside of your community. If you haven't yet had an opportunity to explore or to get into the Clubhouse app, I highly recommend it. You are going to learn a ton.

And again, not just about dentistry, but about all sorts of topics that you're interested in. And as you're joining, make sure that you get into the Dentist Club. You can search for it once you're getting into the app and come and hang out and connect with fellow like-minded dental professionals. All right, guys, that's it for today's episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast. Hopefully this served you well. If you haven't yet done so, make sure that you are going to our website deliveringwow.com, so that you can get free access to your practice gap assessment.

And if you haven't done so already, go ahead and head on over to Delivering WOW's Facebook group, our Dental Boss Movement, by going to dentalbossmovement.com. All right, guys, enjoy the rest of your day and we will chat soon.

Thanks so much for listening to this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast with Dr. Anissa Holmes. We'll catch you next time.

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