A Conversation With Oyinkansola Adebayo


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Join us as Oyinkansola Adebayo, CEO and Founder of Niyo Group, a multi-award-winning group of companies that specialise in using technology to economically empower black women, shares her journey and struggles as a black youth, as well as how she overcame them and discovered her desire to help black women succeed in the tech industries.


  • Empowering Black Women
  • Tech Industry
  • Impostor Syndrome




“..in terms of my journey, I think that's one of the things that I don't feel like a lot of entrepreneurs speak about is the impact of society, your parents, and also your community about how actually how it shapes you.“

“...the fact that we live in a different system and a different community actually caused a lot of barriers. And what I found was there was a lot of racism.

“...my parents or just my dad, but my parents always instilled this kind of like, crazy self belief in me. They knew that I was this like, rare child who was booksmart. But they always used to say you need to be street smart.”

“...by the time I got to this country, being street spot made sense to me. As what does it mean? What it means to me is being able to understand how to navigate society, even if society does not accept you.”

“..I just knew that there was something that I was born to this earth for, that I needed to achieve. I needed to see a change in my world for some reason.

“..if someone continually abuses you, it adds an environment around you, and it adds an atmosphere around you, that you cannot just shift, it's difficult to shift.“

“..how I was able to shift out of that was through prayer, and also actually coming to terms that this actually happened. And it's actually how it affected me. That's also that's the kind of like, the first thing I think, also the change of environments, massive change of environments really helped me, I would just get in other terms with settling in, I had very change of environments.”

“...I'm black woman and also a woman of colour. I mean, we've had different we have different barriers, don't want to say that an Asian woman bar is the same as a black woman.”

“...I find super, super interesting is you can give these ladies all of the training, the tech training, the soft skills, but now let's face your future, let's face your dream now. And what hits us in the face is imposter syndrome and confidence issues.”

“...You want to change your career, or you want to become a founder in the tech space. We will help you to do that, like we would lit you wouldn't be able to coach you wouldn't be able to become a data analyst, you will be able to become a woman in VR and AR and lots of other tech stuff.”

“... 1%, of the tech industry is made of a black woman?”

“...We're in the game of transforming the lives of black women to become builders, the game that we're playing now, I think, just to answer your question about what other solutions, this is solution is investment. And what does that investment is not just money. Beyond that, investment in time, investment in pouring, pouring yourself, pouring your wisdom, your knowledge, and also, and also investment in pouring your beliefs as well.”

“..I never stop learning. And actually, that's the that's the secret to my success.“

“...I only got here because I was authentically me. And I followed my purpose. And I, and that comes that been offensively, you know, comes with actually knowing who you are, what you stand for? why you're here? Why don't Why on earth are you here? Right?”

“...it's really important that it's just your DNA, it's actually what makes you tick. What makes you tick? What makes you angry? What do you want to see? What do you see? Right? You know, when you stand, what do you see? Right? Because Estella, you can see, you can see something completely different from what I see that is what makes us different. And actually, you express yourself in a different way than I express myself. And it's actually okay for us to have fat, right. So yeah, it comes from your DNA, what actually makes you tick. And that could evolve, because, heck, it's evolved for me.”

“... what made me tick three years ago was economic empowerment, or black woman. And I'm still on that economic empowerment for black women today. And why did it make make me tick? I think I just saw poverty and I hate I want to change something.”

“..We do a lot of work on growth mindsets on like those of mindset shifting.”

“...if you don't systemize anything, you're going to fall as quickly as you grew.”

“...My advice to young people is men, young woman is men. Just believe in yourself. Go on that journey. It looks messy, it is messy. Go on the journey.”

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