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Welcome to the first episode of Elyse Archer’s podcast, She Sells Radio! Each week, join Elyse Archer, Personal Brand Strategist and Video Confidence Coach, as she shares strategies and ideas from today’s top personal brands and relationship builders on how to cut through the noise, became known in your space, and build deep, meaningful relationships with your network and audience. If you’re looking for actionable advice on how to elevate your influence, income, and impact, this is the show for you!

If you’re a long-time listener, welcome back. And if this is your first time tuning in, welcome, and thank you for joining us! It’s been a short break since the last podcast episode, but Elyse is back, better than ever. In the past, Elyse was unable to discuss a major passion and area of expertise--sales. But now, there’s nothing holding her back from helping you achieve beyond what you could have ever expected.

The creation of this brand, She Sells Radio, is based on a concept Elyse built with her team, Brand Builders: you’re best positioned to help your former self. While Elyse has worked with mostly male clients, she was being called to something greater, and for her, that was serving women. In the past, the way that she would achieve goals was not always in her best interest--less sleep, clients who didn’t respect her, and things generally became a detriment to her wellbeing. She didn’t believe that she deserved boundaries and had to chameleon herself into whatever the client wanted. From there, she lost her sense of self. It didn’t end professionally though, as that same mentality bled into personal relationships and eventually turned into incredibly difficult mental health challenges Elyse had to overcome. So, she started to release and remember. Release the negative aspects of those areas and remember who she is and what she is passionate about. If you are on part of that journey, Elyse says, there is so much power inside of you when you show up as you are. Stripping away layers that keep you from your truth will allow you to follow your feelings and act on intuitive emotion.

As a woman, you think differently. So often in sales, there is a scarcity mindset that is incredibly linear and manufactures pain to make a sale. In all honesty, Elyse shares, that just feels gross. There is so much power in feminine instinct in this context. When we can learn to trust ourselves and do things differently, that’s where the magic happens. It’s not about being a robot and cranking out calls, it’s about embracing your whole self. You’ve had it all along, it’s just about bringing it to the table.

So, how can we sell and build a business in a way that feels good? This show and the intention of She Sells Radio is to redefine sales in that way. We’re getting hard-hitting, tactical strategy in a way that feels good to you and to the person you’re serving. We’re going to identify what works and what needs to shift and change.

Elyse shares three things she wishes she would’ve known or remembered as her younger self.

First, trust yourself. Your instincts may not make logical sense--in fact, they probably won’t. Elyse didn’t trust her feminine instincts and cut them off from the work that she did, but now, it’s clear that those feelings are where the power lives. It is what creates the quantum jump to exactly where you need to go in less time. The key is to stay in your heart and not your head. Stop looking for approval outside of you.

Second, give yourself permission to do things differently. Elyse worked her way up in a really successful business, but the thinking was very inside the box. At one point, Elyse decided to break the mold and send a video email to a potential client. It wasn’t polished by any means, but she let him know that she wanted to connect and she had that person on her mind. Wouldn’t you know it, he responded instantly. You’re being called to do things differently. It’s a good thing.

The third thing Elyse would tell her younger self is this: your relationship with money is really about your relationship with yourself. The reality you create for yourself around how much love and support you deserve is reflected in how you feel about money. When you don’t feel worthy, it’ll manifest and will become a cycle. When you’re in that toxic struggle, you can’t show up for those you serve.

Moving forward, you’ll be introduced to wonderful and intelligent people in the sales ecosphere through interviews, as well as some solo episodes where Elyse will share with us her own experience and expertise.

If you or someone you know has crossed the 6-figure mark, wants to come on and talk about the journey of growth in sales, please feel free to reach out to Elyse at elyse@elysearcher.com.

Elyse put together a guide for you on how to create a 6-figure morning routine. A morning routine is something Elyse attributes much of her success to, so head to elysearcher.com/morningroutine to grab that and structure your day for success.




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