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On this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we're talking to Simon Severino, CEO at Strategy Sprints about "Strategies for doubling your revenue in 90 days Guarantee". Get the answers to your "Success" questions along with Simon's unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview! Finally, get your exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy and a series on “Why You Need To Podcast” for Greater Success in 2021. All links designed for keeping you current in this rapidly changing Industrial Market. Learn! Grow! Enjoy!


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SUMMARY KEYWORDS clients, industry, simon, sales, people, industrial, work, price, offer, strategy, profitability, 10x, days, tx, frequency, revenue, create, important, bottleneck, guarantee 00:00 Hey industrial Talk is brought to you by cap logistics. You want to minimize downtime absolutely increase reliability you bet ensure operational profitability. Yes you do that means you need 20 473 65 insights into your supply chain Look no further cap logistics go to cap or just call them they're great people 800-227-2471 also TX one now you know cybersecurity is important if you're on this digital transformation journey, TX one networks has the solutions for you. And you're saying to yourself, Scott, they're going to be complex, they're going to be difficult. No TX one's taking that into consideration and they provide a suite of solutions that truly meet your cybersecurity needs go out to TX one dash and find out more, you're not going to be disappointed. 01:05 Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott MacKenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go 01:23 Alright, welcome to industrial talk. This is where we celebrate industry heroes. We celebrate the companies that get it done you are bold, you are brave, you dare greatly you innovate, you solve problems, you're changing lives and you're changing the world. This platform is dedicated to you. We want to make sure that we celebrate you because you are making our lives better. Okay. This podcast is chock full of great great great that's three great information that you need to put in your noggin His name is so great we've made two of them we've I've got I had to split it up so you know there's this is part one a part of two parts. Simon Severino strategy Sprint's is the company and you know i i just love sales and marketing. I just love it and love bringing opportunities for clients. This right in the wheelhouse a must listen to let's get cracking Yeah, I couldn't stop talking. Good incredible stuff. Incredible information. It just, you're just gonna absolutely i mean anyway, great links all out on industrial talk, get them back to strategy sprints. I even like the way it's called strategy sprints. It's like the way of going okay, here are the here are the areas that we need to focus on. Let's get going. We don't have to focus on these let's focus on these and let's double down and let's make it fast. Let's continue to move and let's increase revenue. How can you ignore I mean, you can't argue against that. And you need this you industry professionals need something like this because you you have to succeed. You have to be successful because we depend on you. Not just me, not just my community but the world that is a that's a serious responsibility and I know you can do it. So we've got tons tons of information backlinks everything you want to know about. Simon and definitely, strategy Sprint's pretty cool so I'm looking at his form pretty cool stuff. All right. We are here at industrial talk, doing a couple of things. One, you'll see that it does real talk to Dotto is out there, okay, we're continuing to add to it bring it into greater human element for you to highlight and to help you succeed going forward. I believe me personally and my team believe that real success comes from the the exposure to the human elements of what you do the human side, right. And it's not just feature function feature function on your widget, right? It is it's, it's more it's more deep than that there's a sense of possible vulnerability, but that human element that has to be highlighted, it's not just the heat but the fun side. Everything that's associated with that so we're doing we're highlighting individuals that have recipes out there, I try to cook I'm I do the best I can foods, foods important. If you are contributing to community if your organization is contributing to the community, whatever that might be. That's tip of the hat baby. That's tip of the hat that has to be identified. 05:06 Tons tons of stuff. It's all under the guise of hashtag I'm industry. It it, you get it, you get the picture, right? I'm industry industries, helping communities industries, helping business succeed, industries solve problems. Industry creates hopes and dreams industry innovates I am industry so I'm going to be printing out some shirts offering them big time alright let's get cracking with the interview. Simon Severino strategy Sprint's his website is strategy Sprint's we're going to have past podcasts, not from industrial talk, but others eo fire is going to be highlighting Simon blogs videos, it'll all be out there on industrial talk because we want to make sure that this platform gives you the information you need to be successful. It is for you to collaborate, to Educate to Innovate, it's all there. That's what industrial talk is all about. Let's get cracking with part one of a two part series that really focuses in on financial metrics, sales metrics, marketing metrics, operations, everything that you need to do or consider and as well as backlinks enjoy this conversation. Simon Welcome to industrial talk you listeners this this particular conversation is going to be chock full of just meaty content so just you know buckle in and we're gonna try to rifle through as much as we possibly can and you know, listeners that I'm a big, big Gomer for anything that's marketing, anything that's sales, anything that brings in more revenue because you an industry have to do that to succeed and create a business that is resilient and legacy that is important. Simon, strategy Sprint's brings all that to bear on this particular doc God podcast. Simon, welcome. 07:22 Excited to be here. Hello. Yeah, hey, 07:24 for the listeners. Now that I've given you that hype, you need to give us a little background to support that hype. on who you are, 07:33 yeah. I run a company called strategy sprints. And we help people improve their single most important metric. And we help them run their operations smoother and improve their sales, and especially to link these things together. Because the interlinking makes the magic. And we do it in many, many countries. And we do this since years. And that's we are in Vienna, Austria. Our clients are from from LA to Singapore. That's pretty cool. 08:10 Yeah. So global is the way to go. Now, let me ask you this. You just touched on it real quick. What is that single most important metric? What is it? 08:23 If it would be, it would be fun to see what people are writing down is their most important metric. If you ask me, Hey, give me one. I say it's the profitability. 08:32 Beautiful. I like that profit ability. And I absolutely agree with you 100%. Because there's a lot of companies out there that have mad technology, mad solutions, mad innovations, but they do not. And that's great. But they're not looking at it from a profitability perspective, and how they, how they tackle the market. So your forum said, and I'm really, we're gonna double revenues in 90 days, give us just sort of a little rundown of what that means doubling revenue outside, I like it that way. 09:11 Most people who didn't call us over the over the last decades, they had some market entry or market share problem in terms of, Hey, I'm doing more of this, but I'm not growing my user base. I'm not growing the right clients the way I want. So can you help me with sales. And so we came up with this, the gist of what we did for 18 years is now condensed into a 90 days coaching program, one to one coaching. And we we have three levers that we help our clients implement in the in the first 90 days. If you increase three things by 25%, then your revenue will be up by 99%. And the three things to increase our The frequency of your sentence, the conversion rate, and the price, you increase these three things by 25%, which is totally doable in 90 days. And we're doing it all the time. Actually, one of our clients in North California, they just put Drupal in one sprint, which was remarkable. But basically, these three things, you get them up by 25%, you have doubled your revenue. And now you have the cash flow, stability and repeatability that you need. And now you can take the time out of fulfillment, and work on form fit and function of your sales so that you have a long term healthy and repeatable business that is now also fun to run again. Because Yeah, now it works. 10:53 Simon, I didn't get a chance to write down number one, I've got a blank for number one, I've got conversion, I've got price, what was number one, frequency frequency, okay, and we 11:05 can go through all of them. So we read the frequency of the seats. Frequency means the time from awareness to closing, how many days is it? Now some people have eight months. For example, in complex b2b sales, it takes six to 18 months to close a big deal, one big client. And you can compress that, because the idea is that for a high b2b complex sales, you need eight to 15 experience points, that person needs to touch your magic eight to 15 times before they buy. And now pre technology that will take you over a year to get to five contact points. But now with the technology in our hands, we can do this in two weeks, in three weeks, if you just condense the relationship and offer many, many contact points. One can be a podcast, one is LinkedIn, one is YouTube, etc, you can create these experiences eight to 15 experiences with a potential client in two weeks. And that's what we implement with them. For example, one part is a an automated series of emails about your offer, some are educating, some are building authority, some are creating value, and then the nine the time they 11. They say By the way, you can work with us, this is how we work. And you can send in the first email, you can send them to LinkedIn, hey, I created a video for you. And it's it's a LinkedIn data, you can send them, Hey, I have also created a checklist about that, and it's on YouTube. And so when in the evening there and say, Okay, now I've stopped working, I'm going to relaxing and take my iPad and watch some YouTube, guess who pops up you and your brand. And you are again, creating value. And you are again, creating one experience. That's how you can create 15 experiences in two weeks. And that's one of the 274 tactics that you can implement. There are many tactics, but the strategy is the one thing that you need to get right first, and then you pick out of a toolbox of many tactics that we have collected. But the strategy is okay, of all the things that we can do this week, which one will we do, we will pick the one that increases frequency or conversion rate or price. 13:35 See, this is interesting. So really what you're just trying to do, and it makes complete and utter sense, given the fact listeners given the fact that we have the technology available, which we do. And and we can compress that time, right? We can compress that recognition to closing a sale, whatever it might be, we compress that time and we use cert you use certain strategies that compress that time, is that correct? 14:05 Exactly. Creating 15 contact points experiences in two weeks. 14:11 Is it showed the strategy behind that frequency? That those contact points? Are you are you sort of it's a portfolio of bringing out the human side solution side help whoever benefit free of charge that type of that type of approach a use these things to achieve whatever and then by virtue of that you can then continue to sort of nurture that relationship is that sort of how I hear 14:41 It's always customized so for every for every business, it will be a different series of of contact points. But there is a general principle that says okay, email one picks them up at their bus stop. Where are they right now. Pick them up. Get them where they are, and get them onto the bus, then the two. Okay, now let's move from that station to the next station, and then the three etc, you have to make a map of their beliefs. That's number two of the tactics of the 274 tactics is the belief map. What do they think? For example, maybe they think, Oh, your offer? No, I don't need that. I can do it on my own. Alright, pick them up at that bus stop. So the first demand will be Oh, you don't think you don't need my offer? Cool. Let me tell you about somebody who thought he doesn't need the offer. And this is what happens. They to a and by the way, tomorrow, I'm gonna tell you the story of somebody who did work with us, and this is what happened to them. So you create a second, tomorrow, yeah, that will be on the next channel. And now you are connected on LinkedIn and YouTube, you have created two contact points, and you have them picked them up on their bus stop. 15:54 In your experience, with this particular strategy, which, which, from my perspective is really cool. does it vary from industry to industry client to client where you might gain greater traction? And do you adjust that let's say, you've got LinkedIn LinkedIn is, is a professional network. And then you got let's say, Twitter, let's say YouTube, let's say Facebook, let's say Instagram, and so on and so forth. And any other new technologies and say clubhouse or? Or? Somebody told me I need to get an Tiktok? I'm reluctant however. But where do you find from from the industry people greatest traction, do you have any indication of what that looks like? 16:44 That is really dependent on where your target audience hangs out. Yeah, so if you're a b2b business, you might found that rather on LinkedIn, then definitely on on clubhouse, or tik tok, if, if you want to, if you're a...

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