The goodness in Dharma 佛法的善良


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The goodness in Dharma

The word Goodness originates from Book of Rites: Notes of Learning, meaning talented and virtuous scholars, but now it means pure-hearted and good-natured. Man’s nature at birth is good. Due to our obsession and discrimination, all kinds of vexations pop up, covering our inherent goodness. The Buddha Dharma is for the eradication of all vexations and for the enlightenment of human’s intrinsic good nature. As a result, we can become better persons.

The Goodness upheld in the Buddha Dharma covers our body, speech and mind. The goodness of our body includes to free captive animals and to protect lives; never resent, injure, or even vex others;never take things from others without permission; never seek for trifling advantages. Instead, give those in need a helping hand ungrudginglyshun away from superstition;observe regulations and keep guard of a pure mind. As for the goodness of speech, be honest and never lie. Often praise and appreciate others with caring words. Never gossip about right and wrong;never readily believe in rumors or spread them; never have a spiteful tongue;do not curse others or say anything flippant. As for the goodness of mind,neither be greedy, or be angry, nor be obsessed. In addition, all the following are the manifestation of the law of goodness, i.e. showing filial obedience to our parents; respecting our teachers; protect and uphold the Three Gems of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha; take care of the ill and those in grief;listen to the Dharma and chant the Buddhist scriptures; participate in the work of charity and labor for the sake of all people, etc.

The Goodness advocated in the Buddha Dharma is a kind of power generated by wisdom, with which one clearly knows what one is doing and why so doing all along. With it, one believes in Karma, or the causal effect, and what one does or says is all for the sake of others, whichin turn benefits oneself. In all, acquiring goodness is a process of learning and practicing, which depends on the guidance and protection of a virtuous team. Once we’ve found the method and entered the path, we can cover thousands of miles by taking the first step.





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