Episode # 93, "Lessons Learned From Ida and Other Hurricanes"


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Episode # 93, "Lessons Learned From Hurricanes"

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In a news briefing just ahead of hurricane Ida, a government official said, "the first 72 hours are on you"

Another said, "If you call 911, we can't help you"

That's why we've say stay prepped for a minimum of a week on your own, but a month is even better.


Help Isn't coming

  • No EMS
  • No Firefighters
  • No Law enforcement
  • The time comes when it is just too dangerous to put personnel in harms way

If you ignore an evacuation order, do you really have a right to ask someone else to risk their life to come to you when you should have evacuated?

When help does come, it will be delayed.

  • They must triage & prioritize
  • Why proficiently in first aid is so important
  • Why having a well stocked first aid kit is so important
  • Why storing medications is so important

People get displaced

  • Have an evac plan
  • Motels get filled to the north
  • May be better to go east or west by 100 miles
  • Take a weeks worth of clothes when evacuating, extra shoes, at least one of which is sturdy work or walking shoes/books

Some people lose everything

  • Preps should be split to store in several areas, even if it is two areas inside the same house, or in the house and the garage

The power goes out

  • Generator
  • Have enough fuel stored for generator to last several weeks.
  • Run generators outdoors only
  • Carbon monoxide KILLS !
  • Cannot be used indoors, in the garage, or below open windows.
  • Safest to have a battery operated CO detector nearby
  • Batteries & inverter for CPAP and life sustaining equipment

Keep a Lights out kit

  • Flash lights
  • LED lanterns
  • Headlamps
  • Glow sticks

Plan for aux heat & cool

  • Propane heater for cold weather
  • Window unit A/C w/ generator for hot weather

Food delivery stops for a while

  • No pizza delivery, no Steak Out, no Grub Hub
  • Be prepared to either cook food with a non-electric method, or have plenty of no prep needed foods.

Food may not be available

  • Grocery stores are closed due to damage
  • There are power outages

Cash becomes king

  • Credit/debit cards may not work
  • ATMs can go down due to power outage, Internet outage, or being empty.

Plan for mosquitoes

  • There is a lot of standing water after hurricanes. Be prepared with insect repellant.

Communications are interrupted

  • Cable TV gets interrupted
  • Cellular network are quickly overloaded
  • Text msg uses less bandwidth and may work when voice doesn't
  • Have a battery operated AM/FM for local information, with extra batteries.
  • It's a good time to have ham radio, if you have the license.
  • Check out episodes #16 & #25

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