The 5 Ps of Success And How To Exit Your Company Without Exiting with Jason Duncan


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My guest today is Jason Duncan. Jason works with entrepreneurs who want to BUILD, SCALE, and ENJOY their businesses. He has been named one of the top entrepreneurial companies in the country by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and founder of twelve companies. Jason is also a host of the popular podcast The Root of All Success.

Jason first shares his background story and how he became an entrepreneur. Jason spent the first thirteen years of his career in pastoral ministry. He did youth ministry and preaching ministry, traveling all around the United States. During this time he was also working as a health and life insurance salesman, selling to small business owners. But after some time, he decided that he wanted to do more, he wanted to make a real difference. So, he went back to school and got his master’s degree in education. He became a teacher and felt like he truly found his superpower. But then the recession hit, and he lost his job. He knew that he couldn’t get another job as a teacher so he started his own company Energy Lighting Services, which went on to become a multimillion-dollar company.

We then move on to discussing how Jason was able to exit his company without exiting. He shares that after running his company for a few years, he realized that he wasn’t living the life he wanted to. Sure, he was making a lot of money but he was also working his tail off every day. So, he decided to exit his company without selling it. He hired a CEO and his executive leadership team runs day-to-day operations. Now, he comes into the office once a month for a team meeting. Jason shares that there are three ways of exiting a business: (1) totally, which means exiting both physically and financially, (2) exit without exiting, exiting physically but not financially and (3) earn-out, exiting financially but not physically.

Next, we talk about the philosophy behind Jason’s exiting strategy. He explains that as an entrepreneur, you are not building your business just to give yourself a job. You are building your business, so that you can live the life that you want. This means that you cannot be the hero in your business. You start your business as a hero, because you have to build it from the ground up but eventually you have to be able to step down. Jason then goes on to explain some parts of his coaching program, such as Margin Theory which states that your ability to be successful lies in the margin, as well as the Law of Open Cycles which states that stress is not caused by the endurance of stressful situations, but by too many open cycles at once. And part of being prepared to exit is understanding that law and how you manage your stress. Jason believes that even if you get a great team around you but you haven't taught them Margin Theory and Law of Open Cycles, they're also going to operate as the heroes and ultimately that's going to be the downfall of your business.

Jason then explains the 5 Ps to entrepreneurial success. When talking with successful entrepreneurs, Jason noticed that there were 5 key things that always stood out. He labeled these as 5 Ps to entrepreneurial success. The first one is passion, which is defined as willing to endure. The second one is being at the right place at the right time, and the third one is knowing the right people. The fourth P is preparation, and the fifth is having a plan for financial resources.

Lastly, we talk about The Results University. The Results University is an online platform where Jason teaches this entrepreneurial path. The course that is available right now is called The Complete Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs and it has everything you need to know to go from startup to success in six months or less. It consists of 11 lessons, 11 videos and 10 downloadable PDF documents. You can also join Results University as a student and get access to three live trainings per month with Jason and other experts that he brings in.

Make sure you don’t miss this amazing episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with Jason Duncan, and learn how to exit without exiting!

Notable Quotes:

“If you can figure out how to save people money or make them money so that they can go change the world, that's what they're interested in listening to.”

  • Jason Duncan

“I learned how to exit without exiting.”

  • Jason Duncan

“I asked myself, ‘Is this the ideal life I want to live, working in this business every day?’ And the answer to that was absolutely not.”

  • Jason Duncan

“If an employee wants job security, he or she must become indispensable. But as an entrepreneur, your job is to be dispensable.”

  • Jason Duncan

“You didn't start that business to give yourself a job. You started the business to live your ideal life and to make an impact in the world.”

  • Jason Duncan

”FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Successful.”

  • Jason Duncan


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