Astrophysicist on God’s Equation, Dark Matter, and the Future of Life Beyond Earth | Alex Filippenko


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We live in a universe filled with awe and wonderment so much so that scientists of all disciplines have been exploring the world around us for hundreds of years. Although we have made great advances there is still an immeasurable gap in what there is left to discover. Alex Filippenko joins we today to share his vast knowledge as an astrophysicist that has been exploring fundamental physics, black holes, galaxies and more for over 40 years. He breaks down quantum entanglement and the expanding universe and a way that is digestible for nearly everyone.


Star-stuff | Alex shares what people should understand about coming from “star-stuff” [3:07]

Contribution & Purpose | Alex on meaning and contributing to understanding the universe [5:54]

Theory | What a good model of theory is and why an ultimate theory may never exist [12:46]

Spinoza’s God | Alex speculates what Einstein meant by God in relation to theory [15:31]

Expanding Universe | Alex demonstrates what it is to simplify the 4th dimension visually [18:57]

Gravity | Why gravity is the weakest of all forces & how it may explain multiple universes [27:46]

Black Holes | Speculation of being ripped apart on squeezed singularity and possibilities [31:53]

Negative Mass | Making sense of mathematical solutions that appear to be unphysical [42:29]

Open Minded | Alex shares why staying open minded is essential and avoiding the trap [50:35]

Spooky Action | Alex breaks down quantum entanglement that Einstein called spook action at a distance [55:35]

Richard Fineman | Alex shares Fineman’s intuitive view of nature & theory [1:01:04]

Always Learning | Alex on educational opportunity and learning as much as possible [1:05:16]

Quantum Entanglement | Information traveling faster than the speed of light [1:08:28]

Novel Insights | Tom & Alex discuss areas of overlap that creates novel insights [1:16:56]

Quality of Life | Alex on quality of time and what you do with your time not stagnate [1:23:18]

Into The Future | Alex on the future of humanity, space exploration, life on Mars [1:26:12]

Life On Mars | Considering life on Mars and human nature for exploration [1:30:22]

Inhabiting Other Planets | Alex on how we could use robots to get humans farther out [1:38:33]

Immortality | The possibility of immortality recreating consciousness with computers [1:45:29]

Solar Eclipse | Alex warns of the next total solar eclipse coming April 8, 2024 [1:50:39]

Aliens | [1:54:47]


“In a sense, we are the way in which the universe has found to know itself.” [5:30]

“Work hard at maintaining an open mind so you don't get fossilized, so you don't get set in your ways.” [51:59]

“If you ever feel comfortable with quantum physics, it probably means you haven't thought about it sufficiently” [1:00:21]

“But one of the great things about homosapiens is that we embrace technical challenges. We go for it, we climb the mountain because it's there, first because it's interesting, but secondly, because it ends up having unanticipated spin offs.” [1:14:26]

“to have novel insights, I've just got to take in data that I can't yet predict how it's going to be useful.” Tom Bilyeu [1:17:33]

“as physicists, as scientists, initially, we come across these new ideas, quantum entanglement, and you have to just struggle with them and work hard on them and approach them from different perspectives. It's not going to be easy, but good things are hard to do and hard things are good to do.” [1:19:26]

“it's the quality of the time that you live. That's actually more important than the duration” [1:23:29]

“You can't just say there are a lot of stars out there, and surely they're teaming with life. There are a lot of factors that lead to life, and then intelligence and mechanical ability at our level. And I think they're fairly rare. I don't think we're unique, but I think they're pretty rare.” [1:56:11]

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Guest Bio: Alex Filippenko is a Richard & Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor in the Physical Sciences, and a Miller Senior Fellow in the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science (UC Berkeley). His accomplishments, documented in about 960 research papers, have been recognized by several major prizes, including a share of both the Gruber Cosmology Prize (2007) [...] In 2017, he was selected for the Caltech Distinguished Alumni Award. He has won the most prestigious teaching awards at UC Berkeley and has also been voted the “Best Professor” on campus a record 9 times…


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