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8月の4週間は、恒例の「超濃縮!やさしい英語会話」です。この12年間に配信した359本の「やさしい英語会話」よりエピソードを厳選し、毎回4本分を濃縮してお届けします。ナチュラルスピードの会話をスクリプトとともにお楽しみください。今回は"Human Relations Can Be Hard"というテーマで、嘘や噂など、人間関係にまつわるエピソードを集めました。
*** Script ***
やさしい英語会話 (337) When's a Person Lying?
W: Hi, Michael. How was your day?
M: Umm, good… Uh… why are you staring at me so much, Sarah?
W: I just took a phycology lecture on how to tell if a person is lying or not. I wanted to try to tell if YOU are lying to me, so I was studying your behavior and tone of voice.
M: But I wouldn’t lie about saying my day is fine. That would be silly.
W: How would I know if you’re telling the truth? Did you know that the average person hears 10 to 200 lies in just one day?
M: Wow, we hear 10 to 200 lies per day? I guess if you include TV commercials and stuff, it’s believable. Hey, I have an idea. How about we play a game? I’ll tell you three things about me, and YOU have to figure out which of the three things is a lie.
W: OK! That’s a great idea. I’ll use the information from what I learned today in the lecture so that I can see through your lies.
M: OK, let’s begin. The first fact is that I like to study biology… (W: Hmm.) M: The second fact is that I love ice cream. (W: Hmm, your face.) M: The last fact about me is that I love dogs.
W: Hmm: You love biology… ice cream… or dogs… From what I learned, I think that… all three facts are lies, because you were lacking in expression, and you looked very bored when you were talking. Also, your feet were facing the exit. These are all big signs that show someone is not telling the truth.
M: Actually… they were all true!
W: What? That’s impossible! According to the professor, these signs mean that you are lying, or you are not interested in the conversation.
M: Of… of course… Um, I’m, I’m… interested in this conversation! I… I like you… Um, I like listening to your conversation!
W: Now, I can DEFINITELY tell you are lying.
(Written by Pearline Kusunoki)
やさしい英語会話 (308) Gossip
W: Yo, how's it going?
M: Still not done with that term paper yet.
W: No, not that. I mean how did it go between you and Makino the other day?
M: What? What do you mean?
W: I saw you two walking your bikes together last night. You were both talking in hushed voices.
M: When was that? Like, on the way home by the pond?
W: Yep! You guys never even spoke in class, then suddenly I'd see you like that. Got me thinking all sorts of things!
M: Things like what?!
W: Oh, you know: My little fantasy, where you guys are secretly a couple, because you don't want other people to gossip behind your backs.
M: But…
W: Hold it! Now that we're on this topic, I need to ask you if you like Makino! I've been shipping you for the past couple of weeks now, just so you know. But I'm not going to tell you more than that. You gotta tell me, right now!
M: OK, OK. Calm down. This is a bit too creepy for me to absorb that quickly. (pause) She's good to talk with. That's it.
W: What do you mean "that's it"? What else can you say about her?
M: I… uh….
W: Oh, come on, give me something to work with. What do you think of her looks? Do you like how the moon shined on her face last night? What did you two talk about, anyway? I need answers!
M: Just…..please give me a second. Hey, how did you find us last night?
W: Ah, that. I was…er….on my way home too.
M: With whom? Are you with Taku again?
W: Oh, oh. Look at the time, it flies… so fast. Gotta go and finish my term paper too!
(Written by Bea Jianne Roque)
やさしい英語会話 (300) Gestures Are Different in Different Cultures
W: Hey, why do Japanese make a peace sign when they're taking pictures? It looks strange to me.
M: Ha ha. I guess most people just think it's cute. And some people, especially girls, use it to show their face smaller.
W: Wow, they don't know it means "Victory in war"? And if they show the peace sign with the back of their hand, it means "Damn you!"
M: Hmm… Actually, they know. But "Praying for peace" is a stronger image in Japan. We take it for granted, but I think we should avoid doing it so much in foreign countries, because the meanings of gestures are different from country to country.
W: Exactly. Hey, I know a good Hawaiian gesture, called "Shaka Brother," or "Hang Loose" which can be used for a lot of our feelings, such as "Hello," "How are you," "Good luck," "Thank you," and "I love you."
M: Wow, sounds really useful!
W: Yeah, the former American president, Obama, also used this sign differently depending on the situation. For he was born in Hawaii.
M: I see… Hey, look over there. Is that Tom coming this way?
W: Yeah. Let's have a chat with him. (Showing her palm to Tom)
M: Ah! Why are you keeping him at a distance!!!?
(Written by Wakana Kanada)
やさしい英語会話 (275) Meeting People Can Be Nerve-wracking
M: Hey, Alex, do you think I should I wear this blue tie or the green?
W: Neither. They don't match. Hey, how aren't you ready yet? I thought guys were supposed to get ready BEFORE girls.
M: Well, I don't know what's happening tonight. I don't know who we're meeting with, or where we're meeting them, and I don't know how formal it's supposed to be. I'm trying to dress appropriately, so don't rush me!
W: Awww, are you nervous? That's adorable.
M: Let me concentrate! ... Okay, I think I look good.
W: Awesome! So, can we go now?
M: Uhh.. Yeah, I guess…
W: That doesn't sound very confident.
M: Yeah, it's just, it sounds like there's going to be a big group of people.
W: It's only a couple of drinks.
M: Yeah, but what if they don't want me to be a part of their group? Or, what if I can't talk to them?
W: You'll be fine! When you see them just smile and wave. Practice with me.
M: (Through gritted teeth) Is this good?
W: Uhhh… you look like you're teaching the Joker to dance to Single Ladies. Okay, then, you're a charming guy, just talk like you do with me. Except about politics: avoid talking about politics.
M: (Breathes deeply) Okay then, let's go!
(Written by Stella-Maree Trounson)

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