Episode 248 - Mutagenic Nightmare


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In honor of HWIDG's upcoming 5th anniversary, we will be releasing a new version of the podcast to celebrate. This new version will include 500+ sound effects including airhorns, DJ drops, crying babies, and farts. Also, fishing.
- Skyrim's House of Cards
- Alex Kurtzman's Re-Signing
- Adapting the Worst
- Insular Movie Communities

Skyrim's engine is a 1997 Ford Fiesta. For years it ran just fine. But as it got older it got harder and harder to keep it working as well as every other new car. Fourteen years later, you sell it off, and the new owner decides to turn it into a drag racer. But you've patched it and replaced parts so often that the new owner just barely gets his project completed. And it barely runs. It sputters at start and backfires every minute or so. But people like it! It's a really fun ride. In fact it's so fun that people want to work on the car, fix its problems. But then some want to change its paint scheme. Or change its tires. Or make it amphibious. Or add a supercharger. Or turn it into a tank. and some people want to go for a ride after every single one of these changes is made. And they expect it to break world records.
If the janitor at your local grocery store was known for shitting in his hand and throwing it around the store and smearing it on all the produce, would you expect him to be rehired? What if he was pissing in the cereal and calling it Cheerios 2.0? What if the owner of the store pretended that a feces-covered banana and a bowl of piss-soaked cereal were part of a healthy breakfast? Would you still visit that store, or would you go back to the store across town that didn't do any of that?

Coming to a theater near you: a biographical picture for the ages! One of history's greatest stars, the king of rock and roll himself, Elvis Presley as you've never seen him before. From visionary director James Cameron comes the life of the King at his best. No music, no movies, no Las Vegas. This groundbreaking picture presents Elvis in his most human moments. Picking his nose, scratching his butt, throwing up drugs from the toilet's point of view. Alongside three hours stunningly recreated in-mouth shots of each peanut butter banana sandwich the King ever consumed, it's the best biopic of Elvis to ever grace the screen!
There's something to be said for ranking and judging a series in comparison to its various versions. But eventually there exists a sect of fans that forego all outside judgement and solely bases their thoughts on each new addition to the franchise on it simply existing. "Batman's in the new Batman movie, so it's automatically better than the baby Marvel movies!" These fans are so blinded by their love for fictional characters, that they can't believe that these characters could be involved in a less than stellar product!
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