Episode 243 - Escape Pod Plan


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This week we have lost a dear friend. Join us in mourning as we say goodbye to someone that has been with this podcast since it started. But when life throws your loved one off of a cliff/into a volcano, it resurrects said loved one with a new body and kick-ass devil powers. So get ready to say hello to Devil Recording Laptop and his cronies:
- Broken Computers
- Bad Internet
- "What I Look Like Now" Posts
- Social Taxonomy

Remember when computers were whole rooms? That's right, if you didn't know already, computers used to take up whole rooms, the way a server farm takes up a whole room for hundreds and thousands of computers running servers these days. Try breaking one of those puppies. No flimsy hinges or lack of cooling there. These days our computers are made to be small, sleek, and the way of the big E-ATX tower is going off to visit a farm upstate. Like most technology, it's moved from user-serviceable parts that require a little specialized knowledge, to plebian consumer-friendly "just buy a new one" opening-this-device-voids-your-warranty boxes.
Slow internet sucks. We've all had to put up with it. Maybe your at grandma's house and all she needs is to send emails and print recipes, so she has the bottom-of-the-barrel speed. Or you're staying at that budget hotel/motel on a business trip, and their wi-fi is shared among the six floors. It sucks but you can put up with it, or ignore it and live that weekend like a luddite. But *bad* internet? Going out at the most inopportune times, speeds running lower-than-low,flickering on and off? That's the worst.

People age. That's a fact of life. Some people age like the finest of cabernet sauvignons, some age like they've found the fountain of youth, and others age like milk you bought at a dented can store. As we get old, most of us lose track of keeping our bodies in line. Kids and work taking up all your time leads to a lot of fast food and microwave dinners. You can't wolf down a whole pizza like you could back in high school, or you're gonna have a bad time. That's why it's admirable for anyone that tries to work on their body instead of working on their Netflix and Ice Cream night streak. What's not admirable is being proud of letting yourself go and letting the world know it.
As people, we put ourselves in groups. Maybe as some sort of latent survival tactic from the cavemen days, but it's still there. We create groups to generalize people and that's fine. But these days, we've taken it to the extreme. Like a gamer who's only into 2D Roguelike Multiplayer Action Platformers, people have started these small niche groups, like Nonbinary Overweight Thirdsoul Druids, so they can feel special. And when we all feel special? No one's special.
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