Episode 207 - Time-Traveling Hitler


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Ever had back pain? It's real dumb. Why human have soft outside but hard inside? Isn't that backwards? Why God? Why soft, easy-to-hurt jelly protects hard, strong bone? I want an exoskeleton please. I think at some point we evolved with bone to protect our squishy brains AND THEN WE WENT EVEN FURTHER. WHY? Another layer of squishy organs to protect? How about we protect it with more squishy flesh? And then WE STOPPED? We need the next phase, exoskeletons, so that we're basically human mecha. Sweet. Anyways, here's this weeks episode which remember nothing of other than PAIIIIN:
- Kung Fury
- Fast Food Workers
- Remember, This Isn't Over
- Making Math Suck

Here's a great idea: HWIDG The Movie! You give us a million dollars and we'll shart out 75 minutes of next week's episode filmed all cinematic-like. Deal? It'll be just like the podcast but in movie form! It's all the rage these days. You spend a little time making something for cheap, and then you use it as proof of concept and the internet gives you all of their money! All we have to do is a slightly more amount of work, pretend its a big ordeal, and maybe spit out some merch with our logo on it for bonus items. I think it really works out well for everyone. You get a movie (you never agreed to any sort of quality) and Tab and Tim get to split a million bucks. Sorry Todd.
How many times have you been missing a burger from your order? Or been given a different drink than what you asked for? Have whole meals left off of your order? Been given a cold pizza? Been given a box of fried chicken livers when you ordered sushi? I'm going to go out on a limb and say just about everyone who has ordered fast food before has had something like this happen to them. It's a worldly issue. But why? Sheer volume? Maybe, but this has happened to me when I'm the only customer around. Honestly, it's because they're working at a fast food joint. Look, no one went into life dreaming of being a fast food employee, but it's a huge business that needs lots of bodies. Even if we paid fast food workers 25 dollars an hour, you'd still have the same lack of care go into your double bacon cheeseburger and onion rings.

Ever vigilant. Today, if you want to stand for a cause you have to fight. And fight. And fight. And fight some more because the battle's never over! Hey, how about we stop treating politics like war? I don't want to be a soldier. If I did, I'd be one. And I definitely don't want to be a soldier for a party that lines up with my own beliefs only slightly more than the other one's. No one will ever be completely happy with the government, so stop trying to "win" and start trying to just live your life.
Remember math? I sure do. At my school, if you were slightly better at learning than the kid that still sucked his thumb, they put you in the Gifted Class. I was learning long division and what googolplex was in the second grade in the gifted class. Here's the deal though, just because you're good at something, doesn't mean you like it. And I don't like math. Why? Because they shove it down your throat every year for 12+ years. Sure, at some point I wanted to be an astronaut, just like everyone else, but they never said if you want to go to space, you'll need to learn this math. They said BECAUSE I SAID SO.

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