Episode 205 - Castration Cannibals


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This is it folks! It's finally come time for Halloween night, and we here at HWIDG would like to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween. Whether you're going out door to door, handing out candy at your house, going to a party, sitting at home watching horror movies, or nothing at all, we hope Samhain treats you well. Just watch out for razorblades in your candy, D-tier candy, and that sexy "catgirl". All three will lead to you ending the night with something gushing out of your mouth.
* Non-Candy Halloween Treats
* Non-Secular Media
* Standing Alone
* New Unsolved Mysteries

Imagine if there was a completely optional holiday during the year where it was perfectly fine for your neighbor to haul their garbage bin over to your house and tip it over on to your lawn. That would be a pretty terrible day wouldn't it? What if that day was the same day as another holiday where all the other neighbors had already placed a bunch of presents, just for you, on the lawn? It would make that first neighbor a huge asshole wouldn't it? NO ONE WANTS YOUR VEGETABLES, KAREN.
Man, all of these mainstream secular movies and bands are filled with sin and degeneracy. But my tween wants to start watching something other than Bibleman and VeggieTales and listen to something other than Pastor Dave's Campfire Hymns, what is a rich hardcore evangelical man to do? I know! I'll just make terrible low budget copies of what is popular, but make everything about Jesus! Brilliant!

Going against the grain can be difficult. When you're the only one doing it, even more so. You've got to be of pretty strong character and conviction to be the one against everyone else. No one wants to be the one going against what's popular. We all like to think that we would, but when it comes time to put the foot to the pedal, it's easier to wait around with everyone else and see what happens. But if you were that person you could write a book about how hard it is. Call it "My Struggle".
What's wrong with the new Unsolved Mysteries? Well, first of all, the theme is skippable. Yeah, it's a big deal. That original theme is a phat-ass beat you could spit a sick sixteen over. The drums are a VITAL piece of the equation, just as much as the melody synths and the deep "BWAM" bass synth. The new one is all "cinematically haunting" and by-the-books. Lame. Oh also there's this thing where they don't present all the evidence in the case and you have to rely on fans on Reddit to clue you in. Yeah.
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