The wicked hate humantiy


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The wicked hatred for humanity and all creation that was made to be perfect by the Heavenly Father. The agenda of the Synagogue of Satan and their Freemasonry workers of iniquity agenda is to merge man with machine while depopulating the masses. The vaccine is a biological weapons as a medical doctor spoke of in the documentary DiedSuddenly. The film is free online which is exposing the obvious plan to use fear tactics,coercion and propaganda to get people to voluntarily take a mRNA injection that is technology. The fact is many people are dying of heart attacks,strokes,blood clots etc. People with good health and athletic are dropping dead and yet the media overall is in on the lie. Professional doctors,nurses we're retaliated against by the medical field to silence their medical advice about the side effects and risk involved in the covid-19 vaccine. Although its undeniable proof of the great harm it causes on men,women and children. This is by far population reduction being paraded as ways to save lives. All the while social media platforms like YouTube will flag,remove,delete content and channels that speak about the covid vax or just mentioning the name will alert Community guidelines of medical misinformation. This is their way of controlling the narrative that the WHO have given all the countries to program their people to believe which people are waking up to the lies,misinformation and obvious New World Order agenda which is to destroy countries,communities and their currencies while bringing the maximum amount of fear,anxiety and confusion which the wicked harness while they sacrifice countless people to their god Satan. Their ultimate goal is to bring in a world digital currency which is the "mark of the beast" written of in the book of Revelation Chapter 13. The "mark" is the RFID microchip embedded in the "forehead" i.e. brainchip/neuralink and the microchip implanted in the hand between the thumb and index finger. This technology is purely satanic as it will be used to "buy and sell" but also it will keep track of those who are "chipped" and be able to read the person's thoughts or implant false thoughts or memories. Those who control the technology will be able to monitor the individual in real-time from a computer monitor. Totally enslavement of humanity is their agenda. By the grace and mercy of YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWASHI and for the sake of the elect and humanity. Esau's "time will be cut short, for the elect's sake" because this devil would destroy everything on the earth and the world. Share this information with your family,friends as the wicked don't care about anyone but on their satanic agenda.

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