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I just want to lift your energy a bit. I want to raise the vibration and yet acknowledge how much you're dealing with right now. Throughout this week, I've been working with clients and fundamentally the pull through has been, how to get it all done, how to be okay. And honestly, who's okay, right now? I think everybody has the tremendous compounding pressures of work and home, California is on fire, we've got a pandemic. I don't even have to lay it all out there, you guys know what's going on. And throughout the coaching sessions I've done, I was just even interviewed on a podcast before coming on here today and the question is, what to do with all of it. How to be okay when you're not okay.

And one of the questions that keeps showing up is, am I burnt out? Am I burning out? How can I run this marathon right now with so many pressures going on? And I actually took some notes when I was answering the question and pulled some themes through to give you a micro step you can do. I'm not here to tell you how to change everything overnight and give you more work to do. What I do want to do today is tell you, you're not alone. Tell you that the fact that you're even asking this question is a good sign. And I want to give you a couple of insights that I've shared with clients and I've shared on the podcast today with regards to what I know worked for me when I was burning out. And what I know and have seen working with my clients, giving them just that dose of energy, that dose of inspiration and just a moment to breathe, to actually get clear on what really matters.

So if you're feeling that today, this is for you. And I'm actually going to reference my notes to be very succinct. Sometimes I just riff and I talk but this is a flow that I know works. That will not overwhelm you, will give you more energy and clarity. So the first thing that I want to highlight for you is, even asking the question is critical right now. Am I burning out? Am I myself? So the first step is to ask, it's to look inside and to just see what your gut says. Now for me, when I was burning out, I was so busy being busy and less productive and more resentful and coping through sugar. I don't think I would have answered the question for myself that clearly. So, one way to do that is ask the question and then what you really want to do is, figure out how you're feeling because how you're feeling is going to be an indicator.

This week I had clients tell me everything is a certain way or it always happens this way, or nobody cares. Or these words around compartmentalizing everything and making black or white thinking can be a sign of burnout. And it's at least a sign of high stress where you're basically looking at this through a lens, that's honestly, not true. It's never everything or always or everybody. So if you're feeling that way and noticing that language, jot down what that is for you and then look for areas where that's not true, to try and get your perspective back. Talk to a friend, talk to a colleague, journal about it. Somehow, even when my clients are talking to me, we find ways where not everything is as it appears. That alone will give you perspective to then take the next right step. Another sign is if you're feeling angry or resentful.

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