WALK AND TALK #64 Avoid Losing all your Video Files using this... (Yes! I lost all mine once)


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Welcome to today's YouTube For Realtors WALK AND TALK #64 - I have so many things going through my head every day about YouTube for Realtors that I just want to get it all out! I get asked so many questions everyday and coach so many agents it's time to answer all of those in depth, on my walk to the gym!

In todays episode I do a deep dive into Avoid Losing all your Video Files using this. There are lots of reasons why you can lose video files in your system or device. While some of these problems are avoidable, others are inevitable. This topic is from Leslie. (Shoutout to you homies!) . Question #1, what do you use for storage for your videos and B roll footage? I am starting to do short videos for Facebook and I currently use Dropbox and Google Drive. I have just the basic level of storage on these platforms and it doesn't take much to Max them out and then I'm getting prompted to buy more space. Is this something I am just going to have to bite the bullet and do or is there a better way to store or organize my footage? I leverage Google Drive, it's way easier than Dropbox. Google Drive is the easiest because nobody has to like have it. It's just a link that you can download footage. But yes, your storage space goes very quickly, and that's going to do is either make you start deleting footage to keep that space or have to pay to get more. Now what happened was I started shooting all these videos. Getting all this stuff and what I noticed first and foremost was the more footage I had on my computer. And to answer Leslie, I highly recommend going I think Costco even has one and getting a 5TB or a 10TB external hard drive, they just plug right into your computer and you save every ounce of video to it. That is my number one recommendation. Yes, you can still leverage Google Drive to send files and videos off to editors or anybody that needs it. But then you can erase it and you never have to get that additional storage. Now I pay for the additional storage now. Well, I got three external hard drives. One of them crashed, which is brutal, so I've learned again story form to have at least two external hard drives. I have a mobile one that's five terabytes and I slit it, it's called partitioning. And it's super easy to Google. How to do it, but you go get your 5TB mobile external hard drive and there's like mobile style where you can actually just plug them in on the go they do not need a power source and the bigger ones will hook up to a power source so they got to be plugged into. So I have a 10 terabyte external hard drive that one stays hooked up to my computer. My laptop's always just in my office right there, It's always hooked up I can drag files into it whatever I have every ounce of footage completely labeled.

Question #2 What kind of GoPro should I use to shoot video with? I currently use my cell phone. It's kind of old. I get this question all the time. and also "Have you seen the new GoPro ten?" Yeah, it's pretty cool. But I don't even own one. My recommendation just to answer the question is just go get anything that they have at Costco, right now it is like the GoPro Hero Black 8 and they have the nine and 10. I started the whole GoPro vlogging thing for real estate with a GoPro Hero 7 black. At the time they did not make vlogging equipment for the GoPro. So I made this Frankenstein asked thing because I wanted the wide angle lens of the GoPro and the built-in stabilization. And the GoPro had it. Then I found this cheapy cell phone tripod. A weird metal case for the GoPro that you would attach to your chest or a car or something. Got all these nuts and bolts and put a microphone on top of it. And now when you Google or go to Amazon and type in GoPro vlog kit.

Question #3 I am interested in the YouTube course for real estate agents that you've built. Is there some time limit of when I have to complete the course or is it once I purchase it? I have access to as long as it takes me. What kind of support is there if I get stuck on something? I ask because I am currently chewing on my way through a pretty big real estate coaching program that somebody else runs the names in there, but I won't say it. And I know the course and yes, it's and a lot of it has to do with paying for ads and social media. And it's very expensive, which you know my take on that ****. If you gotta pay money to run ads to drive people to your social media, your ******* social media sucks. Homie, I'm sorry and that's what these agents have figured out is is traffic. A lot of times they're not showing close deals, and if they are, it's from converting leads. And if you like converting leads then I would recommend those, but if you hate working with a bunch of people who don't want to work with you and leads usually through social media are very cheap. That you're paying for. And I've done it. I did it, it sucked. That's a lot to go through. So anytime you need any additional help or resources, that's what it's all there for. But shoot me that e-mail.

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