Live Q and A: How Slowly Things Have Been Lately


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If you are just a starter in the real estate industry and you have been thinking a lot about the things you should consider, the things you should do, and the things you must avoid, then we are the right people that you should talk to!

I've been through it. We've built 13 YouTube channels across the country and we are willing to share with you our experiences throughout the process. My partner, Jackson Wilkey, and I started our path in this business in 2019 and we have never looked back.

How long is the webinar tomorrow?

If I do during Vlog - is it possible to voice over it if I left something out while driving?

My channel is getting between 100-150 views per day, around 200-250 when I premiere a new video; however, I went from getting 2-4 leads per week back in early 2021 to now maybe 1-2 per month.

I'm asking people to reach out with a call to action, what gives? I can't blame this on the shift because this has been going on for a while now. TIA!

Which works better a drive-through or a walk-through?

I started sending videos rather than texts to my friends to get comfortable on camera. should I be doing that or should I just jump in head first?

Would you suggest doing any paid ads on that channel?

Can you give your thought on starting a channel without drone shots? but still a good amount of b rolls? About to order one but haven't yet.

Our country's publication is projected to increase by 75k by 2050. Roughly 2500 per year. No videos on YouTube (that I've found) about moving to or living in Bowling Green. Ky. Video time!

What can you tell someone that has a bunch of "um's" in their videos? Do we edit most of them out?

My broker has offered me 1k for marketing, how should I use it?

Is there any way to tell if a channel is paying for views? I've seen some channels with very few subs but a gazillion views on certain videos.

I have 1 playlist attracting people moving to my city. But other playlists attract locals. Is this confusing the algorithm, or is the algorithm clever enough to handle multiple audiences?

When you talk about mistakes made that caused your channel to get crushed, how long did it take to recover after you adjusted for the mistake?

What is the most important thing to getting someone to watch your videos? Description? SEO? Would hate to shoot a video and no one watches it.

Are keywords really worthwhile spending time on? or just focus on great thumbnails, catchy titles, and good content. I struggle with TubeBuddy trying to balance the score.

Thanks! My first full-city vlog is about 40 minutes. I know you say to make them long but is it that getting close to too long? Thoughts on the length of the videos? Thanks a ton, man!

What's the location of your next BootCamp?

Did my first video and working on my second one. Concerning TubeBuddy, should I focus more on the optimization capability than the weighted and unweighted score?

There was some news about shorts. Now they are part of the search maybe? What's that about?

Will the BootCamp be recorded? I will be out of town on the third day.

These are just a few of the questions that were posed during our live Q&A podcast, and you're about to hear all of the answers, so stay tuned!

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