Talk Heathen 06.33 08-14-2022 with Secular Rarity and Captain Dadpool


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In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Secular Rarity is joined by Captain Dadpool who will take on several different topics from excellent callers! First up is Dave from The South who has proof of Orchestrated Objective Reduction (ORC) theory which is consciousness arising at the quantum level. An electron in a vacuum falls out of its location on its own and this is consciousness. There is no god involved or supernatural anything. This sounds mostly like our brain is still working in conjunction with everything. Maybe we now have a better hypothesis about consciousness and the reasonable conclusions are that it is still biotic material. We need to keep looking more into how the brain works because that is where we will find a lot of answers. Cameron in MN wants to know how to talk with people who think that the Bible is historically correct. You can tell them things like, even if an ark is discovered, it is not evidence of Noah’s flood. It is just proof that someone built a boat. It depends on what your conversation is and what your goal is for that discussion. The method that you grasp on to the most, is not necessarily the most effective for all people. Jamie in TX is seeking a good response to the problem of evil. There are not a lot of places to go in conversations with devout believers about this because of “god's mysterious ways”. Why are you making the claim that you understand this if you admit that there is no way to understand god? Belief in god and agreeing with the actions of god are completely different things. Why are cancer, natural disasters, and extinctions necessary to get to god’s mysterious ways? The world is a lot more interesting when you get out of the two dimensional box. Xeno in South Korea asks if we come from something or if we are contingent on something, and that we can switch out the word god for “a reason”. If everything breaks down, doesn’t that mess with the cause and effect stuff? Do you feel like you are getting to god by default? We don’t have the capability of ruling out all other options. Why call it god? Alok in CA would like to see most atheists not believing in god to also not believe in other supernatural things. There is a need in humans to have answers for stuff. Many atheists happen to also be skeptic. Laying out an atheist worldview is problematic because there are already so many things they disagree on, such as the definitions. We are not born believing in god and that is our default setting. It is worth having these discussions internally to better our community. There is too much in-fighting and we tend to yell at each other too much about these definitions. Bitter Truth in IL has views that religions are a curse on humanity because of innocent people being killed. Religions are spreading hate and terrorism. Captain Dadpool agrees that religion is a poison and we would be much better off without it. What can we do to make some of these things better? The more we step away from religion, the better our lives will be as a whole. Thank you for having fun with us today! Thank you so much to the essential workers for putting yourself out there day in and day out. We keep making progress if we keep doing these simple things.

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