Helping Your Team Navigate Change


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Show Notes:

  • [0:00:00] Intro | Timely Topics
    • The Uncertain Edition?
    • Recap on Uncertainty to Action & Unknown-unknowns
  • [0:02:30] How Do You Lead & Navigate Through Change?
    • Acknowledging the different types and areas of uncertainty in your business:
      • 1) The uncertainty you may feel as an owner/manager.
      • 2) The uncertainty that your team might feel from lack of clarity and/or communication.
        • "How do you handle the uncertainty you feel, and how much of that do you share with the team?"
        • "How do you ensure the team has the clarity they need?"
    • Living with chronic uncertainty can negatively impact anyone, literally rewiring our brains.
      • This kind of stress will change the way a person thinks.
      • When you convey your own uncertainty, you have to prevent simply piling on and multiplying fear.
    • Transparency is always something to aim for, but some uncertainty is better held amongst the leadership.
      • But this is usually a very small list of things.
      • Assume the best from all parties involved.
      • Transparency regarding uncertainty is always a balance.
    • Maybe don't impulsively share uncertainty.
      • Ruminate and consider it the unknown before sharing.
      • Your team will see how leadership responds to uncertainty and typically emulate that.
  • [0:09:06] You want an organization and culture where others can voice their uncertainty without repercussion or criticism.
    • Even as a leader, you may think you see everything...but you don't.
      • Ensure your culture is an open one.
      • Survey your team to determine where their uncertainties are.
        • Ask the question.
    • Adoption of change looks different for everyone.
    • Don't underestimate the impact of change on your team.
      • "People don't struggle with the change, they struggle with the transition."
        • "With all transition, there has to be a time to mourn the loss. That's what people struggle with."
        • "Organizations don't always give the appropriate time for our teams to mourn and truly transition, that's why people fear change."
        • "You as a leader have often had the time to process, whereas your team is just hit with one thing after the other in a transition."
      • Listen to the feedback for uncertainty that you may have created in announcing change or transition.
        • Always do your best to address the why.
        • Allow your team to have input in how their day-to-day may change.
          • When we have input, we're more likely to be okay and internalize it.
      • See the change from your team's perspective.
        • Intentional empathy can work wonders for your organization.
    • Have your culture and values in place ahead of change and any transition.
    • Involve the team in solutioning.
      • It makes change so much smoother and easier in the long run.
  • [0:19:54] Presenting Change
    • Consider presenting change as "here are my thoughts and suggestions, think about it, and let's discuss in a few days to a week".
      • Offer your input as flexible ideas that the team can influence and even improve upon.
      • It's a lot easier to accept something that may be possible, but not necessarily a last-minute directive or mandate.
    • Lead the conversation with the uncertainty and challenge so that everyone is immediately looking to confront this as a team.
    • Time-box your idea and solution/s.
      • Experiment.
        • Nobody mourns the loss of an experiment.
        • You have to follow through and weigh the results of the experiment.
        • Failed experiments are their own successes if we learned something.
    • Ultimately you're trying to build resilience.
      • You want a culture that is versed in experiments and can bounce back from failures with positive lessons and takeaways.
  • [0:27:37] Parting Words
    • "Business is change, there is nothing else."
      • Whether we like it or not.
      • Figuring out how best to change, and how to roll with the punches is vital.
      • Remember, how you transition through change is what matters.
      • Experiment, iterate, and move forward.
      • You're either helping your team become more resilient, or more brittle.

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