Episode 120: [Urban] Isabol Tseung Voice News 1x05 "A Dance with the Wind" Week 3


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This is week 3 of 4. You don't have to start at the very beginning of every book, but you might at least want to start at the beginning of the chapter with week 1 for the recap. PREVIOUSLY ON ISABOL TSEUNG VOICE NEWS: Isabol Tseung is a reporter for Voice News; the most stubborn, tenacious reporter the upstart Canadian based international news network has ever known. Focused on bringing the people the honest truth, without all the bullshit, Voice News does things a little differently from other news outlets. And Isabol is showing them the way. She’s uncovered stories of feral child gangs, and corrupt American presidents. She stands up to authoritative figures and is a voice for the victimized and powerless of the world. And when she received a text from an old university peer drawing her towards the story of a lifetime in Iraq, well, of course she was going to accept. With Australian philanthropist dude-bro Greg Beckett as her cameraman and translator, she bullied her editor in chief into buying two tickets onto the next flight into the Middle East. Arriving in Mosul, one of the cities most affected by the fight against ISIS, they made friends with the struggling locals including a man named Aram, and his grown son Ahaim. They also met a boy named Muhammed whose parents had died in the chaos. It wasn’t long before they were taken by the Iraqi government and given an exclusive interview with the prime minister. The man allowed Isabol to continue her investigations but with a warning that she wouldn’t like what she found. Touring the city with Aram, she and Greg uncovered a no-go zone and the freshly discarded corpses of civilians rounded up by the military. Greg was meaninglessly killed by the cruel Iraqi soldier Omar, and Isabol was taken prisoner and tortured. She would have died were she not rescued by a warrior woman named Alia, leader of a resistance fighter group that knew the now deceased Suzie, the university friend who had set Isabol on this mission in the first place. They escaped the city to a secret resistance base where a ceremony was taking place to honor the dead. During that ceremony, Aram and Ahaim were interrogated, Aram being mortally wounded before revealing the location of the resistance base. The military attacked the base during the ceremony, and Alia’s team (consisting of Hasan, Naeem, Yasheesh, and Ayaan) managed to hold them off, but they know their victory to be a hollow and temporary one. Their base was no longer a safe space for them. ----------------- My name is Andrew Geczy. 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