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We know what we are seeing, but what about what we are observing? An episode which requires the power of observation which a lot of us may not know how to use.
Customer Retention vs. Acquisition. Where should one really be spending their time and money on and does one go about it? That is discussed ed in today's episode.
We have all been there. The endless elevator pitch that bores us to death. Yes, we have all received it, but are we also guilty of doing the exact same thing? A technique developed in The Action Suite which has been field tested with amazing results.
This is the inaugural episode of Tales From the Road where I share some of the lessons learned in my 40 plus years of business life. Today I will speak about a concept that started me on my successful journey on this hard road. That is the concept of, overabundance.
We all know, or should, that we no longer sell on features, but rather on benefits. However, there is something that is even better and will allow for more yes's after the benefit. This episode we will share with you what that is.
We go all in this week! Is Kanye West on the verge of a Britney style breakdown? Kourtney Kardashian take Kapital Hill? Does Christina's Carpool Karaoke hit a sour note? And Melania Trump's body language tells us way more than any tweet ever could!What Da Podcast による
Why is it that some run for cover while others just stroll through a rainstorm? The way you do it will translate to the way you conduct business. Learning this valuable lesson will make you enjoy that stroll through the next rainstorm.Sales Adviser | Business Development | Behaviors | Sales Techniques | Mindset | による
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