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Bachelorette season is here and we welcome new Senior Intern Camille and special guest Holly, who shares historical facts from the Bachelorette along with a great idea for a bar. We get into the Whaboom guy, dream jobs, and choose who the next bachelor will be. Also if you haven't been to the RV show GET ON IT. It's way cooler than you think.…
Marriage counseling for Craig and Nomi by a guy with a weird name, stuff pops off, and everybody dresses up like they are from India. We also learn that people from the North yell a lot. We round it off by talking about tanning up your calves nicely. Landon is still generally annoying.
In the unprecedented 10th episode, the strongest couple reviews the Vanderpump Rules reunion, talks about if twitter thinks Katie is super pretty, the outsider status of Lala, and what is to come this season on Southern Charm.
Strongest Couple welcomes provacative guest star Age and intern Vicki to talk the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Things go awry when our guest star sides with Dorit over Erika Jane and the intern gets too wild with our new sound board. We also come to the conclusion that Lisa Vanderpump is kinda like a Giraffe.…
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