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Thriving is a great word to describe the kind of life God wants us to live. The sense of thriving comes as we live with others in mind. Serving and witnessing to them about Jesus love. We can all grow in doing this as a lifestyle.St Albans Baptist Church による
The church is the Hope of the World.... but its success rests on its leaders. Richard Starling is retiring. He has spent the best years of his life reaching out to his community with the Love of God in Jesus. Lets celebrate Richard, and learn more about leadership for our own race we are running.St Albans Baptist Church による
Our recent addition of two new Elders gives us a great opportunity to examine the role and requirements of Eldership. Senior leadership is demanding, and yet one of the great blessings for the Church and individual. The Apostle Paul holds it up as a very worthwhile goal.St Albans Baptist Church による
God loves his Church, yet within church life people get offended. Every time that happens we are faced with a choice. Will we become bitter or will we forgive? They are two completely different paths....heading in different directions. Which will you choose when it happens next?St Albans Baptist Church による
God wants to use all of us to see people come to faith. It's possible,it's doable, it's an adventure. It's outside our comfort zone...yet possible. Some people are especially gifted. Kahu, a gifted evangelist is going to be sharing his story also. It is so miraculous and outside the box that you will be on the edge of your seats. This will be an ex…
The two referendum questions at this year's election will have HUGE impact upon NZ society were they to pass. They are 'hot potato' issues that we need to think about as we all will be voting if we are over 18 yrs of age! What does God say about recreational drug use?St Albans Baptist Church による
Bringing us the second part in our Understanding Missions series we have Joseph Lee of Pioneer ministries. A kiwi evangelist with healing signs and wonders ministry From the Pacific Islands,speaking and praying.The Holy Spirit will be moving in power.St Albans Baptist Church による
We've got an exciting series on Missions beginning! Great speakers with amazing stories. John Mc Mullan (Baptist missionary from Kolkata) is kicking it off. Topic: God is up to something BIG and wants you to be part of it!St Albans Baptist Church による
A planet-wide flood destroying all life on earth except for a selection of people and animals on a huge lifeboat. Is this really what the Bible describes and is there any evidence this occurred? Discover what the Bible really says about this important question and the evidence supporting it.St Albans Baptist Church による
God has gifted all of us with special abilities to build his kingdom, but the environment (Church) we relate together in is actually vulnerable & needs special protection so his community doesn't blow apart. Paul gets down to the nitty gritty.St Albans Baptist Church による
Problems are too painful just to waste. They can feel like being in a desert. There are things we can do to maximise our growth opportunities problems present. Come and hear some of the lessons one of our Bible hero’s learned as he navigated out of his desert.⁠St Albans Baptist Church による
Yes we live normal lives. Not everything goes as we hope. Sometimes there is trouble. Christianity can sometimes be pitched that everything should always go perfectly. That's called triumphalism. Instead we know what walking through the valley of the shadow of death feels like, as well as what it's like to be anointed with oil and have our cup run …
God is good at tearing down walls between people. Jesus tore down the biggest one possible. No race is more special than another. Sometimes people say unkind things about others. God calls it sin. There is a better road. ⁠St Albans Baptist Church による
As a Christian the image I should see when I look in the mirror is SAVED. So many Christians are still trying to earn our status with God rather than living from that place.Make sure you are watching online to be challenged and inspired!St Albans Baptist Church による
Covid19 has taken many out of our routines, and some out of our regular work or careers. People often assess themselves by what we do yet God doesn't use that grid. He calls us Sons or Daughters, adopted, loved, favoured.As we look at going back to level 3 then 2 then 1, will we use God's grid or the old one, to tell us who we are?…
We can think that the world is falling apart, trouble every where. However there has always been trouble and always will be.It’s a journey for all of us but God desires to show us how to live above anxiety and fear. His advice is count it all joy!St Albans Baptist Church による
To a Jewish person, for a man to claim to be God...a God whose name alone was so sacred they couldn't even say it...was so beyond belief, it would have been akin to someone being a lunatic. Yet they turned to follow him after his death in such numbers that something must have convinced them beyond any doubt.RESURRECTION.…
We live in a strange season when fear lurks around us daily. Overseas particularly, people are dying, and close at hand we stand 2 meters apart at the supermarket.The Golgotha execution was pointed to by the passover in Egypt, where the Israeli people were protected from the angel of death.Good Friday is the story we need to remember and celebrate!…
Robert & Denise Norriss and Steven & Ruby Collins will be talking about fulfilling God’s call on your life through what you do and experiencing His favour increase around you while not letting disappointments get you downSt Albans Baptist Church による
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