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Mike Romanelli and Clint Esposito sit down with Mark Steeves from the "My Family Thinks I'm Crazy Podcast) We talk about the Rittenhouse trial, Elon Musk, Shots for kids and more. Mike Romanelli @Mromanellijr @FreeThinkerTV Clint Esposito @ClintEsposito @LiveStreamComedy Marke Steeves @Waywardintellect Hero Soap Company HeroSoapCompany.com Code: Fr…
We had our friend Anthony LaFerrara on for a really fun conversation. We talk woods porn, loosh traps and buying hash in china ( allegedly) Hope you enjoy Anthony LaFerrara IG: @Tonygainz13 Mike Romanelli IG: @FreeThinkerTV Clint Esposito IG: @ClintEsposito Hero Soap Company Herosoapcompany.com Code: FreeThinkers…
Ryan Bledsoe of the Podcast Bledsoe Said So joins us on the Freethinkers Society. Ryan goes over his families very first encounter, Ryans new Podcast and more. Ryan Bledsoe IG: @RyBledsoe Mike Romanelli IG: @FreethinkerTV Clint Esposito IG: @ClintEspositoMike Romanelli による
We have Anthony from Bass River Buds on and talk about, the supernatural, Tartaria and Mushrooms medicinal properties Anthony IG: @@BassRiverBuds333 Clint Esposito IG: @ClintEsposito LivestreamComedy.com Mike Romanelli IG: @MikeRomanellijr TiffsComedy.comMike Romanelli による
▀▄▀▄▀ THE UNWANTED: HOSTS ▀▄▀▄▀ Ricky Varandas: The Ripple Effect Podcast Website: www.TheRippleEffectPodcast.com Rokfin: www.Rokfin.com/RippleEffect Twitter: @RvTheory6 Charlie Robinson: Macroaggresions Website: http://theoctopusofglobalcontrol.com/ Rokfin: https://www.rokfin.com/Macroaggressions Twitter: @macroaggressio3 Sam Tripoli: Tin Foil Hat…
Mike Romanelli and Clint Esposito discuss the Tartarians and how taking care of your mouth can effect your overall health. Roman https://risingfromtheashes.podbean.com/ Mark Steeves IG: @MyFamilyThinksImCrazy myfamilythinksimcrazy.com Clint Esposito IG: @ClintEsposito LivestreamComedy.com Mike Romanelli IG: @MikeRomanellijr Hero Soap Company HeroSo…
Mike and Clint get a little wild in the beginning 10 minutes but we bring it around and to discuss the state of the US. Mike Romanelli IG: @MikeRomanellijr Clint Esposito IG: @ClintEsposito Website: LivestreamComedy.comMike Romanelli による
Mike, Clint and Vic sit down and discuss " Natural Drugs" vs pharmaceutical drugs and their benefit. Mike Romanelli IG: @MikeRmanellij Clint Esposito IG: @ClintEsposito Vic Cedeno IG: VicizFunnyMike Romanelli による
We have a great talk with Bruce De Torres the author of God, School, 9/11 and JFK. Available at https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/bruce-de-torres/4339263/ Mike Romanelli IG: @mikeromanellijr Mark Steeves IG: Waywardintellect Clint Esposito IG: @ClintEsposito Visit our sponsor HeroSoapCompany.com Code: Freethinkers…
Mike and Clint talk to Adam from The Mental Mastery Alliance. As always we cover a lot and explore the possibilities. Visit adam at tmmapodcast.com/theshow Please visit our sponsor HeroSoapCompany.com code: FreeThinkersMike Romanelli による
Megan Kush (Now legally her last name) Has won multiple Cannabis cups, helped legalize weed. Megan has been featured in New York Times, High Times, Dope and Cannabis Now. She was joined by James, Anthony , Mark and Yusef.Mike Romanelli による
Ryan's family has more verified entity visitations than anyone ever. He tells us about where they think they come from and messages they have given him. Please visit our sponsor Herosoapcompany.com code: freethinkersMike Romanelli による
Mike and Clint talk to the leading expert of flat earth David Weiss. He is host of the Flat Earth Podcast. Give it a listen with an open mind. It was interesting at the very least. Please visit Freethinker.tv and our sponsor HeroSoapCompany.com Code: FreeThinkersMike Romanelli による
Mike and Clint discuss if there is a universe knowledge stream humans can access. Then mike has to run and handle some business and the conversation switches. HeroSoapCompany.com code: FreeThinkers FreeThinkers.TVMike Romanelli による
Mike and Clint talk about Sam Tripoli at the Dojo last week, the lasting toll the shutdown will have on kids and Adults. Plus We just have a open conversation of what what could be. FreeThinker.TV HeroSoapCompany.com Discount code: FreeThinkersMike Romanelli による
We talk to James Currey of we the People Radio about the election. Is Trump a time traveler? Weird coincidences with trump and books from the 1790's and much more. Please visit our sponsor Herosoapcompany.com 20% off with code: FreeThinkers FreeThinkers.TVMike Romanelli による
Mike talks to Micha Dank who is an author and researches the correlation between astrology and religion. Visit our sponsors HeroSoapCompany.com Discount code: FreeThinkers KryofitSport.com Discount code: Esposito10 FreeThinker.tvMike Romanelli による
Mike Romanelli and Clint Esposito discuss connecting with loved ones that have passed via signs or numbers. How do we get reanimated in the after life. Are we visiting that place on psychedelics? FreeThinker.TV Herosoapcompany.com Code: FreeThinkersMike Romanelli による
#19 Free Thinkers Society Mike and Clint chat about current events. Please visit our website for more of our podcasts www.FreeThinker.TV and our sponsor Hero Soap Company HeroSoapCompany.com use code: FreeThinkers to get 20% offMike Romanelli による
Phil is a Professional Surfer and Artist with a very interesting life story. Please visit him on social media here. Instagram: @phil_goodrich_art Facebook: Phil Goodrich Art Apple podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-surfers-path/id1530619425 www.FreeThinker.TVMike Romanelli による
Mike Romanelli and Clint Esposito have a conversation about the wide stroke Drugs are painted with and Manifestation. Its a total mental awareness podcast. FreeThinker.TVMike Romanelli による
Mike and Clint talk about the killing of cordial conversation. Most people talk to be right not exchange ideas. The tactics employed are painting the other participant as the worst sterio type possible to discredit them and avoid having meaningful conversation. WHich might actually lead to a better understanding. FreeThinker.tv…
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