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Market Vitals trading veterans Matt Davio @MissTrade and Robert Heffernan @HFRfromtheFloor bring their 60 plus years of experience trading everything from commodities and stocks to agricultural products and crypto. With an eye towards how popular trends show up in price discovery, they give an honest viewpoint from a profit and risk frame of reference. They also cover current topics from sports to music and many things pop culture inspired. At the end of the day your trading profitability de ...
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Pick your food pyramid $ADM $KR $TSN @hfrfromthefloor the @US_FDA produced a pandemic of obesity & related diseases @cmcdavid97 @EdmontonOilers 1 win away. Healthy Grasslands biggest carbon sink available $HEQ_F $LEZ_F $BYND @wef Party has $CL_F range bd…
Carbon Trackers all the rage @wef where's @GretaThunberg in Davos? @hfrfromthefloor thinks elites have an on/off switch. Uh oh O' 🇨🇦 Balance sheet 8x rest of the world. $GOOG new lows Fear Porn Gluten Free world @rickygervais brings the humor $NFLX $ZS Fear Porn Gluten Free world @rickygervais brings t…
File footage Narrative @wef Why would we trust you quacks like @ProfKlausSchwab @hfrfromthefloor points to Putins doubling of wealth in Ruble Terms $6R_F how are sanctions working for Zhou? @NCAALAX final 4 set. Holiday week/Month End in play $CROX pox Vitals による
@WillZalatoris eating up Strange Layout @PGAChampionship @hfrfromthefloor pts to continued elite meltdown $GOOG $TSLA @elonmusk $HG_F $LBS_F lead the housing market right side. @TBLightning winning battle of Florida @NHLFlames vs @EdmontonOilers AlbertaMarket Vitals による
@ArmstrongEcon $6S_F in a heap of trouble $CHFUSD @hfrfromthefloor says retail pain "We've only just begun" $WMT $TGT $GC_F won't save you nor will $BTCUSD $ZB_F rally off day lows hard as $NQ_F $ES_F diver down hard $RH specialty retailers $WSM in trouble…
Preakness Picks! @hfrfromthefloor shares @POTUS 3rd grade infrastructure map $DE $CAT $FDX $UPS Healthcare providers begin layoffs wo Covid Payments that have disappeared $SYK $MCK $ABC $OMI all have a long way to the downside. Boomers on SS concerning Vitals による
Sports bet payoff in history is a brilliant mktng play! @hfrfromthefloor links @wef and $cl $rbob @WallStJesus shares tiger $stry $rdfn $dave $ddl @WendyRogersAZ on news org drift The sultan says "you will own nothing"Market Vitals による
USA so upside down on debt vs assets, what could go wrong w/ FOMC @hfrfromthefloor read between the lines @federalreserve owns all assets. @DavidBCollum took the Vitals short $CRM back in November when we first hammered half off today! @PGAChampionshipMarket Vitals による
$TWTR fake accounts along with Price Discovery looks like deal is off for @elonmusk 4 now! @hfrfromthefloor discusses WASDE $ZW_F and MSM narrative vs Price of Chaff. @NHL O 🇨🇦 record Beer Consumption pre game 7's @MapleLeafs @EdmontonOilers @NHLFlames Vitals による
$PFE radio ads for Heart Stresses, that's odd @hfrfromthefloor Health Choices matter $MET $LNC $PRU premiums $BYND $COIN $PENN $MSTR $MRNA fresh new lows. @NIH Kickbacks from big Pharma who knew public/private was legal? @TBLightning beat @MapleLeafs Vitals による
Covid Roulette, who had @BillGates @AmbRice46 ? @hfrfromthefloor notes @ElectionWiz YoY Inflation, its Putin's Fault, Its Pandemic, no its 🍊 man's fault. $BTCUSD double bottom rally $LUNAUSD to zero @Madonna 3D NFT Vagina butterflies? Upside Down World Vitals による
They still aren't growing Pot on Mars @bclund $MSOS $MJ @hfrfromthefloor details new "food Pyramid" by the CDC/WHO $BYND $ARKK $PTON fully right sided finded new Covid lows and $QQQ why can't it follow the leaders? $BTCUSD $DOGE $SHIB falling apart Vitals による
@DavidBCollum Here's your Rock Star Analysis $SBSW $IMPUY $ANGPY, Value much lower! @hfrfromthefloor says trading "stories" has lost more money than the worst algo ever. $SHOP IS poster child of $NQ_F and its future %80 off sale! $QQQ will copycat Vitals による
@IMFNews concerned kickbacks much harder on Blockchain $BTCUSD @hfrfromthefloor says market rallies disintegrating confirms long term bearish bias $ABNB $NQ_F $ES_F $ZB_F at key levels 4 year lows 136. $6B_F what saves it ? @TBLightning in 6 @MapleLeafsMarket Vitals による
Who had $6R_F and $6L_f as only green currencies vs $DXY in 2022? @hfrfromthefloor says 3 punches left 4 Elite Punch Card Toaster. Trade Deficit explodes @Pontifex flip flops $ABNB grinds sideways post earnings. @NHL @MapleLeafs exciting @AM34 fun 2 watchMarket Vitals による
As vaccines become less interesting so do the stocks $MRNA $PFE $BNTX $AZN $JNJ $NVAX @hfrfromthefloor applauds medical elites and new found open dialogues. $TNX hits 3% , market more efficient than FOMC @NHL kicks off Sir Stanley fully fanned finally Vitals による
Grains on Sale $ZC_F $ZS_F $ZW_F @hfrfromthefloor low energy monthlies $NQ_F $ES_F $RTY_F $YM_F Sell in May or? FOMC week & Jobs on Friday keeps us in limbo. Elites continue to feast on themselves. @BillGates @melindagates friends not friends $CL_F $NG_F…
@nfl goes cray for @GeorgiaFootball Defense wins Championships @hfrfromthefloor says arm yourself w/ value range, STd Dev. levels, and Pivots free on site $PYPL leaving SF in june we discuss others $LEVI $WFC $WSM $GPS will @elonmusk move $TWTR next? Vitals による
Retail vs Farming Fertilizer $CLF $SMG @hfrfromthefloor shouts out @charliebilello as PE's still askew across names you'd be surprised by. Mortgage originations now on the right side of parabola. $TNX $HGX $XHB $IYR @NFL draft @PardonMyTake mock $PENN Vitals による
Risk of Space Rock collision proportional to Healthy Covid Positive $SPCE $ROKT $UFO @hfrfromthefloor anticipates $MAT "Barbie Movie" Runway of @DAREAL_8ball movies intrigues $DXY hits 103's target set , take profits peeps. Don't be a pig buy the dips. Vitals による
@hfrfromthefloor wants to partner w @GoldBondTM & @SHAQ for Festival walk in -comfort booths to spray on solutions for long days of partying. $NFLX $DIS $AMZN $GOOG $ROKU all will survive on content quality again. $Z making a run to teens again. @RedWingsMarket Vitals による
"Do the Hustle" HBD 47 @hfrfromthefloor says Mask Mandate ends, now only freaks & geeks wear em. Crack an egg you get baked, $GIS $MKC $KHC $K $CAG $SJM $CPB $LW @JACK awakens $SQ $ETHUSD $TWTR hurting his bottom line. Commodities $NG_F schmeezed blow offMarket Vitals による
NFT laundry collapse @jack . @hfrfromthefloor moving elite board pieces around $TWTR, $TSLA $DXY $ZB_F $TNX new highs $BYND $HE_F xmas spreads $GS @elonmusk & Shareholder battle bots , The Don'ts saying nope @DarrenJBeattie shreds hypocrites on $TWTR dealMarket Vitals による
Home builders right sided $TOL $PHM $DHI $BZH #banks will need to 'trade' their way to profits $JPM as deal flow and #Mortgages stall. @hfrfromthefloor $ng only reason to mask up on airlines. $HG copper chart the top is in guaranteed probablyMarket Vitals による
@irishexaminer says Whistles causing Heart Attacks on playing field, Good Lord. @hfrfromthefloor now planning to rob banks w Said Whistles. Used Cars dinged $F $GM $NKLA $CVNA $CARG @stoolpresidente Let us establish "Real Prop" Bets save $PENN $MGM Vitals による
Elites continue to snack on themselves as @elonmusk toys w @paraga $TWTR @hfrfromthefloor Thx @ggreenwald Earnings Season $JPM $C $GS this week Happy Easter $ZB_F is perfect Storm on tap?@JuwanHoward to @Lakers ? $TSLA $200 off post split news $CL_F $92's…
Elites @wef ping top of tranquility & start eating each other @hfrfromthefloor points out Peter Thiel elite ball busting of Grandpa @MrWarrenBuffett $OJ Beeks is breaking out $GC_F too many luster pumpers for new ATH $DXY breaks par $ZB_F 143 ding dong. Vitals による
@chigrl brings some Water tower shockers $SPG $O $KIM $REG $FRT in trouble @hfrfromthefloor loving him some @TigerWoods Stripper Pink $ZB_F into 143's nearing a bottom? $DXY keeps motoring to par, speaking of @TheMasters excited for the bird noises in play…
$LUV is the friendly Skies not $UAL @hfrfromthefloor wonders when interest rates will matter like today ? $ZB_F $TNX new highs on the move, $NQ_F reverses yesterday's $TSLA $TWTR jagfest @TigerWoods tees 10:34 Th at @TheMasters Congratulations @KUHoops Vitals による
@TheMasters is upon us and @TigerWoods starting? @CBSSports Praying @hfrfromthefloor ponders how a squeezed consumer afford anything $GOLF $ELY $NKE Long $TWTR short $DWAC who had that one? $TSLA and $AAPL love @jack news. @elonmusk should buy tech wkly Vitals による
@JimMcMahon best two sport athlete @BYU never mentioned @hfrfromthefloor talks Ruble bounce, not so fast. $ZS_F $ZW_F $ZC_F more compelling story for war breaks. $CL_F also $BROS get yourself cup $ABBN golden ratio sell coming? Alopesia $PFE @justin_hart…
@TheSavBananas Make Bill Lee, "Spaceman" again @hfrfromthefloor talks Chicken $TSN $YUM $PPG Retail Dollar Bears awaken, Get long $DX_F @lions Honolulu New Unis? Nuance in Deviation. @SpeakerPelosi $TSLA Best trader since @HillaryClinton in the Cattle $LE…
@potus unveils $5.6 trillion budget @hfrfromthefloor says TY @caroljsroth 4 the needed 86k IRS snoopers for the billionaires? Will Starlink/Truth Social put nail in $TWTR coffin? $SB +$ CC= $HSY to the moon @macroalf says FOMC added $20b of MBS, no taper…
@stoolpresidente should buy $40 $PENN strikes to stop price slide #satire @hfrfromthefloor covers housing affordability index w rising rates? 3 weeks rates gone up %33 in payment terms $RKT $CASH $WD $PFSI $DFS $C $WFC $LEN $JPM Yield Curve Trading @cme Vitals による
War Games $GD $BA $LMT $RTX $NOC $LHX $TDG $TXT $HII @hfrfromthefloor don't make market in front of you, your enemy. No Trade is a trade. Grains $ZW_F & $CL_F pointing 2 normalization or ceasefire Golden Ratio in $CL_F and $TSLA . Fibonacci & Cream sauce Best Market info with real price information.Market Vitals による
Big Mac Index is it tradeable $MCD $EURCHF @hfrfromthefloor challenges @ChefGruel to Shrimp bracket Housing in Sydney in Bear Market @LongTplexTrader escape while you can, O Canada next up $6R bouncing as Putin demands $CL_F payments in kind. Orwell 2022Market Vitals による
FAANG taking major swipe at Bears $FB $AAPL $AMZN $NFLX $GOOG @hfrfromthefloor month/qtr end looms heavily on this push. @PhilMickelson opts out of @TheMasters Hmmm $ARKK still right sided @CathieDWood finding it more difficult on this side of fence $TSLAMarket Vitals による
@mikeharrisNY predictive models in an irrational world equals price risk only thing that matters @hfrfromthefloor still has Catholic final 4 hopes @PCFriarsmbb @ZagMBB @StPetersbb @NovaMBB . Power tools in kitchen $SWK $TTNDY consumer tapped out $ZB_F lows…
5 Catholic Schools advance @MarchMadnessMBB. @hfrfromthefloor says @CoachShakaSmart @MarquetteMBB only Catholic school 2 lose. @JrzyJoePiscopo Happy St. Joes Day! $RTY forming new Bracket. As credit risk spreads, consumer financial $DFS $COF $OMF $RM Vitals による
@stoolpresidente $PENN definitely not a better investor than $BRK.A as Warren hits all time highs. @hfrfromthefloor talks $ZC_F spreads $NQ_F doesn't care about the economy or your ego as price action takes us higher. Quad Witching action in play Vitals による
@GretaThunberg have your hands been dirtied in a cobalt mine? @hfrfromthefloor "Twain" had it right, trust nothing. "Putin Inflation" is over $ZB_F $CL_F $VTEB $DXY $TNX $GC_F all on Zhou's watch moving forward. Avoid ETN & ETF products, please @TomBrady…
#Myocarditis is out...#feeling good about $100 fill-ups is in @hfrfromthefloor quips $crox has more right side to go. You missed the fertilizer play $ARGO for now @UMichFootball new voices. CPI driving markets higher? wait what $CL_F down $9 again today Best Market info with real price information.Market Vitals による
Sermon on the Mount would need vegan & gluten free options today. @hfrfromthefloor says Oliver Stones' @youtube yank speaks volumes about MSM narratives.@chigrl points to Circuitous problem w/ high $CL_F and EVs @elonmusk Blow off in gold, crude, bondsMarket Vitals による
Rudy saved by the bell! @hfrfromthefloor muses emotional response 2 trading man vs gender fluid $CL_F $ZW_F $GC_F all point to blowoffs and Possible Ukranian Peace. History needs to be studied 4 folks slinging Narratives. Get your War Support w Jab $MRNAMarket Vitals による
$MOEX reopens tmrw @hfrfromthefloor says NFW on that being smooth. Equities seeking cease fire rally or testing bottoms made 2022. Crude $CL_F Gold $GC_F keep gapping and crapping how many times to the old highs. Nothing is smooth in all markets nowMarket Vitals による
Contagion from Sanctions everywhere $EFA $6E_F $RSX @hfrfromthefloor enlightens us on the World Elites and their plans evolving $DXY hits 99 new highs on the move. March Madness is upon us get brackets ready. Roll over next week is upcomingMarket Vitals による
@whatisny shares @StephenCurry30 of waste mgmt @hfrfromthefloor says $ZW_F telling diff story vs $CL_F on russia/ukraine conflict $DXY_F new highs $PTON CEO feels right side of stock dumps $55m mansion. Should B no "Lea" way on trans sports. $BTCUSD Heavy…
Fertilizer way better than Gold $GC_F $SMG $CF $TWTR suspends @misstrade price going to Zero says @hfrfromthefloor $ZW_F limit up are $10 loaves of bread coming? @umichbball big win over lil bro #11 seed getting ready for deep run. Resident Zhou $CL_F 112Market Vitals による
War Games $RTX $LMT $CL_F tell me crude doesn't matter for them @chigrl @hfrfromthefloor says place your bets $LVS $WYNN $CZR $PENN $MGM March Madness is upon us $GC_F diverting from $DXY $ZB_F and $CL_F new highs. SOTU speech delivered to us early, listen…
Full CGI suites driving new world Narratives. @hfrfromthefloor says only thing to trust is yourself and the prices in your face. $ES_F $NQ_F $CL_F $GC_F $ZB_F $NG_F all tossed around like rag dolls.Volatility demands principle & protection. 55 day crash?…
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