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最高の Junko & Kaori ポッドキャストが見つかりました。 (アップデートされました 2月 2020)
最高の Junko & Kaori ポッドキャストが見つかりました。
アップデートされました 2月 2020
百万人のPlayer FMユーザーに参加してオフラインのときでも、いつでも に関するニュースや詳細情報を把握することができます。 妥協なし無料のPodcastアプリでPodcastをスマートに。 聴きましょう!
世界最高のPodcastアプリに参加し、お気に入りの番組をオンラインで管理し、AndroidおよびiOSアプリでオフラインで再生します。 無料で簡単です。
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Today, I'm going to talk about the word "worth". Worth is an adjective used for saying that there is a good enough reason for doing something, because it's important, useful, or enjoyable. Read More♪The book is worth reading. – ~する価値があるjunko & kaori による
Last week, I quoted some lines from the movie Frozen, including "You mean to tell me you got engaged to someone you just met that day?” which is said by Kristoff.<続きはサイトで> Read More♪You mean to tell me…? – マジで?junko & kaori による
What do a sheep and a fish have in common? The answer is (that) they use the same word whether they are in the singular or in the plural. Read More♪What do a sheep and a fish have in common? – ヒツジとサカナの共通点は?junko & kaori による
Are you familiar with the idiom "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"?<続きはサイトで> Read More♪Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. – すべての卵をひとつの籠に入れてはいけないjunko & kaori による
The 2020 Summer Games are just about a year away. The first ticket lottery was held in May, and the second-chance round in early August, for those who failed to win any tickets in the first round. Read More♪Have you applied for the ticket lottery? – 五輪チケットの抽選購入junko & kaori による
Today, I'm going to talk about the word "flatter". Flatter is an interesting verb that is used to praise someone in order to please them or to get something from them, even though you don't really mean it. Read More♪Don’t flatter yourself! – うぬぼれるな!junko & kaori による
A few days ago I met up with a friend for lunch at a café. When she arrived, the first thing she said wasn't hi or hello or great to see you or anything like that but "Oh boy, it's another hot day today." Read More♪It’s another hot day today. – 今日も暑いね。junko & kaori による
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