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Kyo-On Dokuro Roland Jaeckel is the teacher at Charles River Zen, a Rinzai Zen community practicing in the greater Boston area. Dokuro received inka shomei, Dharma Transmission, in the Japanese Rinzai Zen Hakuin lineage and is a Dharma heir of Shinge-shitsu Roko Sherry Chayat Roshi of the Zen Studies Society. He also received Temple Dharma Transmission from Denkyo-shitsu Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi at Rinzai-ji, in Los Angeles.
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Commemorating Denkyō-shitsu Kyōzan Jōshū Rōshi, A talk given about "How did we get here?" and a call to all disciples and students of this particular lineage to come together to carry forward the wealth of a living tradition.Dokuro Jaeckel Osho による
Day 5 teishō of宗門葛藤集 第十七則 乾峰三種 Shūmon Kattoshū Case 17, closing out the five day Hō-On Sesshin for Kyōzan Jōshū Rōshi, the founder of Rinzai-ji for his fifth anniversary of his departure.Dokuro Jaeckel Osho による
Teishō on 宗門葛藤集 第十五則 孤峰不白 Shūmon Kattushū Case 15, One Peak is not White, given at Rinzai-ji Zen Center on day 3 of the Ho-On Sesshin commemorating Kyōzan Jōshū Rōshi's fifth anniversary.Dokuro Jaeckel Osho による
Entangling Vines (宗門葛藤集) Case 14: Part 1 of a teishō by Kyō-On Dokurō given at Rinzai-ji Zen Center in Los Angeles during the Hō-On Sesshin commemorating the fifth anniversary of the passing of Denkyō-shitsu Kyōzan Jōshū, Rōshi.Dokuro Jaeckel Osho による
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