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Though we are free from the penalty of sin through Jesus, we are still in the wilderness of this world, buffeted by satanic persecution and accusation. BUT the time of wilderness is not forever! There will be an end to evil. Listen to Pastor Jim as he teaches on signs.Pastor Jim Evans による
Navigating through Revelation can be challenging. John had just eaten the scroll and this is the beginning of John telling us the plan of God’s desire to restore the world and for those who follow Him and what will happen to those who do not follow Jesus.Pastor Jim Evans による
Does your life show glory, honor and praise to the Lord God Almighty in everything you do? Have you given the Lord God power over you in surrender? Is He Worthy? He is worthy of all glory, honor, praise and worship! One day, every knee shall bow and tongue confess this to be true. Will you be start now?…
Hats off ~ laying down crowns before the Throne and worship Him who lives forever! Those around the throne knew that the crowns they wear are impossible to win except by the grace and power of Jesus Christ in them. The crowns are not for them. They are not for us. They are for HIS glory, honor, and thanksgiving.…
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