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The Songhay, Gao Audio New Testament (VMV) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible. For a list of other available languages go to our website at The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to bring His Church together and make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people: to give every person the opportunity to listen completely through the New Testament in their heart language.
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Are you still waiting to get your vaccine? The federal government has taken actions to increase the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, and says vaccines will be available to all adults in the U.S. by the end of May. However, federal officials say…Government Accountability Office による
While the U.S. has enjoyed a dominant military advantage for decades, the Department of Defense says this superiority is being challenged by potential adversaries--most notably China and Russia--and by the strain of nearly two decades of conflict in…Government Accountability Office による
While veterans comprise only 8 percent of the adult population in the U.S., they accounted for almost 14 percent of adult suicides in 2018. In response to these risks, the Department of Veterans Affairs has created a Suicide Prevention Program. But…Government Accountability Office による
Native American cultural resources are things such as weapons and carvings, building or even human remains. They are irreplaceable and often extremely fragile. However, these items have long been the target of theft by individuals seeking to collect…Government Accountability Office による
Threats to our nation's cybersecurity infrastructure were once again highlighted after reports in December of a mass-breach of U.S. government agencies, businesses and contractors. GAO has included cybersecurity on our list of High Risk Areas…Government Accountability Office による
Trillions of dollars have been used in the federal response to COVID-19. This money includes unemployment assistance and small business loans for those impacted by the pandemic, as well as funding for vaccine development and manufacturing. While…Government Accountability Office による
More than 100 million workers participate in employer-sponsored retirement savings plans--such as 401Ks. Together, their contributions represent nearly $6.3 trillion in assets. However, these assets and individuals' data, which are used for…Government Accountability Office による
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) collects data from employers about injuries and illness in order to provide oversight of industries, as well as to improve safety policies for workers. However, OSHA officials told GAO that a…Government Accountability Office による
The Department of Defense is increasingly fielding high-tech weapon systems to maintain U.S. battlefield superiority. However, these sophisticated, expensive weapon systems are at risk of cyberattacks. In 2018, we reported that DOD had only recently…Government Accountability Office による
Every two years with the arrival of a new Congress, GAO issues updates to our High Risk List--highlighting some areas of government that are particularly at risk of waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement or in need of broad based transformation. We talk…Government Accountability Office による
The IRS processes more than 150 million individual and business tax returns each year. While the IRS has modernized its process to allow for electronic filings, several key functions remain paper-based, including about 40 percent of business-related…Government Accountability Office による
Policymakers and advocacy groups have raised concerns about the treatment of pregnant women in custody, including the use of restraints, and so-called solitary confinement. There are also concerns that pregnant women in custody lack access to things…Government Accountability Office による
The U.S. has put a lot of its hope for combating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic behind two vaccines developed in record time--one year instead of the more typical 5-10 years. But how safe are these vaccines and how is safety determined? We…Government Accountability Office による
In May, the federal government announced plans for Operation Warp Speed--a partnership between the government and private pharmaceutical companies to quickly develop and distribute vaccines. And while vaccines were developed in record time, there…Government Accountability Office による
The Department of Veteran Affairs owns and operates 134 nursing home style facilities called Community Living Centers where disabled and aging veterans can receive short and long term care services. However, several news stories have prompted…Government Accountability Office による
Rural hospitals are closing at an alarming rate, which had had a significant impact on residents' ability to access health care services. Closures may have broader implications for communities facing COVID-19's impacts. We talk with GAO…Government Accountability Office による
While the Department of Veterans Affairs operates one of the largest healthcare systems in the country, it also allows veterans to receive care through community providers when they face challenges accessing care at VA facilities. However, the VA…Government Accountability Office による
U.S. COVID-related infections and deaths set alarming records in January, which further drew attention to delays in coronavirus-vaccine efforts and a need for better planning to address this evolving public health and economic crisis. Here at GAO,…Government Accountability Office による
The financial exploitation of seniors is a growing problem in the U.S. and is expected to continue to grow as the population of older Americans also increases. The Department of Health and Human Services has created a national database for reporting…Government Accountability Office による
The Department of Defense spends billions of dollars every year developing high-tech weapons to maintain our battlefield superiority. Sometimes, we sell these weapons to our allies overseas in an effort to support U.S. national security, foreign…Government Accountability Office による
As the number of older Americans increases, so does the need for long term health services and supports. Medicaid is the nation's primary payer for long-term care. And because of how expensive it is to provide this care, more and more states…Government Accountability Office による
Transportation—whether it's planes, trains, boats or cars—is becoming more automated. While automated technology holds promise—such as improving your ability to parallel park—recent accidents caused by automated technology have demonstrated its…Government Accountability Office による
The federal government relies heavily on information and communication technology products and services to carry out day-to-day operations. This dependency has increased the complexity, diversity, and scale of the government supply chains--that is,…Government Accountability Office による
NASA has plans to return American astronauts to the Moon by the end of 2024, However, the success of these plans depend on two upcoming test flights. GAO reviewed NASA's progress towards that first test flight, as well as, the cost of efforts…Government Accountability Office による
Rising college costs have outpaced federal grant aid, leading to concerns that a greater burden of costs are being borne by students and their families. This can also contribute to concerns about student loan debt. To help families save for college…Government Accountability Office による
Quando nos brota enloquece a tropa por que nós é foda pick marolada mistura de patricinha com toque de favelada rostinho safado tatuagem no braço decopao na mao mary kay no rosto da o papo pras inimigas que hoje nos ta o nojoos crias que se envolver mais nao passa de um contato somos a barbie da favela ta ligado nós joga bunda pra cima estigando no…
Confira agora!! A nova do Luka da Zo | MC Lizzie | Mano cheffe Escute nosso Hit’ 96903-7174Bonde do GãoLetra:Parou por aqui volta pra tua casa tu nem me conhece tá apaixonada, querendo romance mais não dá em nada já saquei o lance a nossa parada é... “Tu sabe que sou safado”Você é safado mais eu também sou gosto q…
Confira agora!! A nova da MC LizzieEscute nosso Hit’ 96903-7174Bonde do GãoLetra:Tava com saudade de um bailão bebê hoje em Acapulco eu boto pra foder chuva de wisk e copão na mão jogo para os envolvidos que dão condiçãoBaby sabe que eu gosto assim tu sarrando em min eu jogando pra tu que foda gostosa vem e me peg…
Escute nosso Hit’ 96903-7174Bonde do GãoLetra:Chega desse papo de brigar não quero mais não quero maisEu já resolvi eu vou rala pra min não mais pra min não dá eu cansei dessa vidinha de compromisso eu parei não quero mais nada contigoEu cansei dessa vidinha de compromisso eu parei não quero mais nada contigoVo cu…
Confira agora!! A nova da MC LizzieEscute nosso Hit’ 96903-7174Bonde do GãoLetra:Você é safado mais eu também sou gosto que me pegue e bote de quatro tu quer minha buceta a hora é agora!Me maltrata nesse caralhoVocê é safado mais eu também sou gosto que me pegue e bote de quatro tu quer minha buceta a hora é agora!…
Confira agora!! Mais uma do Magro BeatEscute nosso Hit’ 96903-7174Setor FunkLetra:Quando vc vai voltar, acho preciso de tu meninaLembrando de tu me excita penso nas horas tu sentando de vagarCom esse jeitinho tu fica boba,tu sabe que nossa mente é louca,sei que gosta de me olhar de quatro na cama minha cama fica so…
On the Season 1 finale of Whiting Wongs, Dan & Jessica travel to 101 Noodle Express in Alhambra, CA to talk over an authentic Chinese meal. Plus, we discuss what we've learned throughout the season, whether or not we've changed, and in true Whiting Won... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Dan & Jessica discuss how comedy doesn't age well and shed some light on being a diversity hire, before having a conversation with a scientist with shark experience, Professor Sora Kim! We also discuss diversity in academia, and the nature of intellige... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
This week, we discuss Childish Gambino's "This Is America" video, cultural identity among white Americans, and Jessica states her expectations for her upcoming trip to China. Plus, listener emails about 23andMe, representation on this podcast, and more... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
This week, Dan & Jessica go through some listener emails before we get into a heated debate about Matt Groening's response to the Apu controversy. Then, we talk to our guests Dana Han-Klein and Larissa Pruett about biracial identity, stories of stunnin... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
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