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Chinese by birth, Taiwanese and Swedish by heart, She spent her childhood in a safe and harmonious home and neighborhood. She got her first skate at age of 5. Ever since then, the ice skating rink has been her playground. On the ice, she has everything on her own. Her favorite spirals make her feel free as a bird. She practices the figure skating, …
It's Episode 155! Holy moly we're all in the same studio again. Tyler and Madison were in the vicinity so we had to record, ya know? Join us as we talk about the crazy weather, Goofy (as usual), writing books, how to catfish someone on Facebook, and a bunch of other stuff. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
Taiwan is his first home. He grew up there till age of 11 and then moved to Norway. When he landed to the new home country, he had the basketball with him. He played the basketball in the neighborhood, in school, in regional team and Norwegian national team. Five years ago, he brought his basketball to USA. Then he has become the team captain in th…
Nordic, a land with beautiful fairytales, a land lives the happiest people in the world. Nordic stories the english series, we will share the stories from Eastern Asians and their families how this wonderland make them happy.She was born in Japan, when the cherry trees are starting to bloom. The spring has a different meaning to her which carries o…
一位留學芬蘭,丹麥的台灣女孩,在拿到碩士學位後,和許多留學海外的年輕人一樣,夢想著有一天可以在國外打拼,累積人生和工作經驗。歲月流逝十三年後已是晚婚年齡的她,必須在現實與理想中取捨,家人的期待,職場生涯,和組織家庭觀念的糾結間,她有意的在基督徒交友網站裡留下的機會,讓一位丹麥主內弟兄發現了她,隱約是上帝巧妙的安排,這位從來沒有亞洲經驗的遲婚單身漢,就像一輩子就等候著她的出現一樣,有著她台灣家庭模式翻版的丹麥家族,一生虔誠的基督信仰和經常家庭音樂會的生活型態。上帝的提醒與引導,過去種種生命體悟,生活的預備與今天家人們的期待,正為著未來而鋪路。疫情當中的今天,把握當下,更成了李佳穎和另一半作下人生重大決定的契機 - 這個星期六,2021 年一月九日在丹麥小鎮的市政廳公證結婚。讓我們一起祝福這對新…
一位台灣中部傳統家庭長大的女孩,高中畢業考上大學北上念書的她,從沒料到三十年華的她,有一天會相信月老的安排,讓她在酒吧認識一位冰島人,而開始了一段空中飛人式的戀情,更沒有料到傳統觀念的父母放手讓自己決定這段異國戀情,萬萬沒料到娘家萬全準備好的流水席婚宴會在兩天前整個取消,四年前,這對前世註定的佳偶在老天巧妙的安排下結束了空中飛人式的生活,落腳在美麗極光的國度冰島。去年,黃詩珊 Stefani H. Jonsson 在寧靜的聖誕生下了祝福下的孩子。這個訪談幾度也因寶貝女兒的水痘發燒而延後,最後圓滿的在滿一歲的聖誕前夕前留下美麗的故事。
It's Episode 153! This week we're gearing up for the holidays! We dive right in and talk about fast food, boys, bears, and a bunch of other random words. Don't be alarmed by technical difficulties, we powered through. Even managed to find a couple new top 10 lists. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
It's Episode 152! We dive right in and talk about smoking meats. Make sure to get high temp cheese. We also have your one stop shop for every Christmas present you might need to make someone's holiday special. Zodiac killer, aliens? We have some of that as well. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
Episode 150 is here! How have we been at it for 3 years? This episode is filled to the brim with life advice from how to legally change your name to how initiating phone calls can become easier. We talk about Gatorade, drivers licenses, Matt, and a kid who lied about going to heaven. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
Episode 148 is here! It's been a long week. We touch briefly on the presidential election then get down to the nitty gritty. Why are boys so dumb? There are astronauts in congress, math may be reinvented and some people have too much time and money to care for their pets. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
Episode 147 is the episode where you get updated on the new exciting married life of Tyler and Madison! We look back at the wedding and events around it, talk about our various animals and their issues, then dive into a little COVID talk (exciting right?). Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
Episode 146 hot off the press. We have a wedding coming up and honestly, what's more important than wedding food? As usual, we talk about food in general, realize our dreams of being professional "golfers" and talk about pranks. Make sure to go vote! Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
It is Episode 143 and we are STRAIGHT UP having a LIT time. The new Cactus Jack meal is on the menu and who better to give a review of it than Tyler. If you hear the smokey tone in his voice, that is because the smoke has hit hard where he lives. We also talk about some tennis and an unfortunate cattle situation. Enjoy!…
It's episode 139 and it's a sleepy one. Tyler moved into a potentially haunted new house, the weather can't make up it's mind this time of year, and if you don't know the window code, you're out of luck. We also chat about Twitter, a sandwich guy, and camping. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
It's Episode 137! We're here for the newly starting sports seasons, the newly starting franchises, and the prison footsal. We also get a quick guest on the phone for some important information and talk about some questionable relationship choices. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
What's up Beef Hams? It's episode 133 and we're getting nostalgic. Join of on a journey of video games we played when we were younger, learn about some emotions you never knew you had, and don't worry, a couple would you rathers to top it all off. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
Well howdy! Welcome back to episode 132! This week, we went on a hunt for a sneaky feline, encounter a stressed fire fighter who was probably just trying to do his job, and discuss the best flavors of Gatorade. If you call Gatorade by it's government name, this one is for you. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
It's Episode of 131! Join us on a trip to the Soup Farm. Then, even more exciting if you can believe it, we talk about the NASA and SpaceX launch that happened today. Do you still have Pokemon cards? Think they are worth anything? You never know. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
What is up Beef Hams. Today's episode comes to you hot of the how it's made press with plenty of ingredients that make you say "eeehhh." Join us for a chat about pet parents, metal shows, a surprise sponsorship that we didn't even know about, and some more would you rathers!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
What's up Beefhams? It's another Saturday of podcast shenanigans. In this episode, we talk about what shows we're watching and go in depth on a few of them. Then, we discuss how we would approach a hunger games situation if it happened in real life. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
Whats up Beefhams? It's episode 125 and we're coming in strong with the 2017 UK lawn competition...ok. Maybe not strong but these guys put a real jobs worth of time each week into their lawns. Next, with help from a certain sports show, we break down the 10 best sports from Spongebob. Iron Chef? We have that too. Enjoy!…
What's up Beefy Buddies? It's Episode 123 and we're here with some technical difficulties. Sometimes, the universe just says don't. Jump into a triscuity abyss with us, learn about some new medical practices, live the 2006 Brat contest, and another installment of Munch Madness. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
Here RJ NK goes on a weekly interesting things happening mainly in tamil nadu it will get interaction with listeners .thanks to social media and the urge to be present on social network as much as the real world. This episode of Ding Dong is sure to entertain the listeners.Rayappan x RJ NK による
Howdy, Beefhams. Episode 122 is here! Today we are joined by none other than Rose and Madison as they are close in this time of quarantine. They help us dive back into some of the weirdest questions, go through a top 10 list of fruits, and continue through Munch Madness. Enjoy!Ding Dong, It's A Podcast による
It's episode 121 of the podcast and we're here to provide a little comic relief in these wild times. We start off with a couple good options of things you can do while spending extended time alone. Then, we get into some interesting questions from a "cult classic" TV show (you be the judge). Finally, although there is no March Madness this year, we…
Ngày 27/02/2020, nhóm Nghị sĩ hữu nghị Pháp-Việt của hai viện Quốc Hội Pháp đã tổ chức một cuộc hội thảo quốc tế về tình hình Biển Đông.Thanh Phương による
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