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Our purpose at Ablaze is to love God, love others, follow Jesus and to tell others. If you are looking for a church home in the Tulsa area we’d love to have you join us for worship on Saturdays at 6:30 PM or Sundays an 10:30 AM. We are located just north of 51st street on Lynn Lane in Broken Arrow. For more information, please check out our website at ablazechurch.org
Our purpose at Ablaze is to love God, love others, follow Jesus and to tell others. If you are looking for a church home in the Tulsa area we’d love to have you join us for worship on Saturdays at 6:30 PM or Sundays an 10:00 AM. We are located just north of 51st street on Lynn Lane in Broken Arrow. For more information, please check out our website at ablazechurch.org
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This weekend we are launching the One Month To Live challenge, The goal is to transform the trajectory of our lives and of our church by sharpening our focus on the Word of God and how it shapes our lives. We will imagine what might change if we had...Ablaze Church による
Where does God dwell? Even the heavens cannot contain Him. Yet in the Bible the temple was referred to as the House of God, His Dwelling Place. He is always present everywhere, yet He promises to meet with us in special ways and He tells us He is...Ablaze Church による
Whenever Jesus is around, the encounter is intended to be transformative, just like Jesus changed water into wine. Jesus changes the ordinary into things way beyond our imagination. Because of that our everyday can be like the banquet of the Kingdom...Ablaze Church による
People are not the only ones who go to church. The devil likes to come too. We can actually invite the devil to come to our church when we come with a critical spirit, bitterness, resentment, cherished and unconfessed sin, jealousy, pride,...Ablaze Church による
One day some fishermen were just minding their fishing business when along came Someone who totally “repurposed” their lives. Jesus entered the lives of Simon and Andrew, James and John. These fishermen were repurposed into being men fishers....Ablaze Church による
Everyone holds a story about themselves in their head and in their hearts. It is part of our identity, our understanding of who we are. Jesus is all about writing a new story into the lives of people. His ONE LIFE Changes it All. What about our...Ablaze Church による
What is 2021 going to be like? Well, 2020 sure surprised us and took us way out beyond anything we could have predicted. 2021 has lots of question marks as we enter the new year this weekend. Our intention for 2021 is to be a faithful church...Ablaze Church による
God’s Christmas gift to us of a Savior is not only a gift worth waiting for, worth receiving, and worth understanding, it is worth remembering. What can we do to remember the gift? Our remembering needs to be intentional. A few hints: Let there is...Ablaze Church による
The coming of the promised Messiah into the world is referred to in the Bible as a GIFT, God’s greatest gift to humankind. Without this gift we would be eternally lost. It provides something for us we cannot earn, deserve, or provide for ourselves....Ablaze Church による
There are these challenging times that can affect all Christians. The help of medicines, nebulizers, and taking lots of rest - great! But not enough. We all need hunkering down with Jesus, focusing on fundamentals of life, like the advent love of...Ablaze Church による
Kids growing have a hard time waiting for Christmas. Their intense expectation of gifts lead them to find every hiding place where the gifts are stashed, They just don't want to wait. The best gift ever, THE Christmas GIFT, is Jesus. But the world...Ablaze Church による
The second coming of Christ and the last judgment have been the subject of some of the world’s greatest classical art, including Michaelangelo’s fresco behind the altar in the Sistine Chapel. The scene is in parts frightening, particularly the...Ablaze Church による
In Jesus’ parable of the ten talents He tells of a master who entrusts his goods to his servants when he leaves no a long journey. They are not given out equally, but more are given to those he knew would be more responsible and wise. Let’s apply...Ablaze Church による
About 2 generations ago you’d pull into a gas station and be greeted by an attendant who, among other things, would ask, "Check yer oil?" If you ended up being low they'd whip out a quart and top you off. Sounds a little quaint but brings to...Ablaze Church による
One theologian said Ecclesia semper reformandum est, the church is always to be reformed. That’s why we observe the Reformation under Martin Luther on October 31, the day he mailed 95 theses against the sale of indulgences onto the door of the...Ablaze Church による
The final letter of Jesus to the Seven Churches of Revelation it to Laodicea. Jesus gives them no compliments; nothing good to be said about them however, no other letter offers as much grace as this one does. Laodicea has become almost a universal...Ablaze Church による
Doors are meant to do two things: to open and provide access, and to close and prevent it. Jesus addresses the Church at Philadelphia as the One who has the Key of David and can open and shut. He is the only one who can provide access. He is the key...Ablaze Church による
Sometimes things can look really good on the outside but be dying on the inside. There was a church like that in Sardis, and Jesus sends them an urgent wakeup call. “You’re in serious trouble and unless you do something quick, you will die.”...Ablaze Church による
Be tolerant. This is what we are taught by the kindlier elements of our culture. The Bible even tells us that “Charity covers a multitude of sins.” At the same time, we are commanded not to tolerate evil, but to call it out. At the time of the...Ablaze Church による
Church should be at least a little dangerous. Like out there where the real action is, not locked inside a safe fortress where there is no engagement with opposition. Jesus spent a lot of time with his disciples preparing them for danger and...Ablaze Church による
When you give your word, will you keep it? Not only does our world expect faithfulness, God expects it as well. Smyrna was one of the seven churches Jesus addressed in a letter. Jesus acknowledged that the Christians in Smyrna faced persecution,...Ablaze Church による
It is recorded in the book of Revelation that Jesus sent Seven Letters to Seven churches, dictated to the Apostle John. Each letter included a commendation for things they were doing well, a criticism calling attention to what they were doing wrong,...Ablaze Church による
It is easy to get into lengthy discussions about lots of theological issues. But, in so many cases, does it really matter all that much? What’s really essential? The essential issue is “Who is Jesus Christ?” Connected to that will be every...Ablaze Church による
Seems the most natural thing in the world. Getting even. Someone offends me, I have the right (maybe even the obligation) to get back at them. I may think that my self-respect depends on evening up the score, otherwise I’m some kind of wimp. While...Ablaze Church による
The Christian life is not a solo performance. Christian experience is lived out in the plural, an ensemble of different personalities, voices and giftings that blend together into a beautiful and profound oneness. Here’s what the Apostle Paul wrote...Ablaze Church による
If you never face opposition you just might not be in the game. Christians who are serious about it will face opposition, perhaps even persecution. So, how do you respond? Saint Paul tells us to “bless” and not “curse.” To speak and wish them...Ablaze Church による
“Love” is a noun. But real love is a verb. Love is more than a feeling. Love is action. Jesus’ disciple John once wrote “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” Rather than mere kindly thoughts toward...Ablaze Church による
It’s so easy to get stuck in our lives somewhere and lose our passion for things that are important. Things we once spent lots of time, energy and expense on no longer seem to be that interesting or important. More to the point, does your spiritual...Ablaze Church による
Lots of what people call “love” is really self-interest that requires other people. There are different things that we can easily confuse with genuine biblical love, like romantic or sexual attraction, or maybe even a good friendship. Those in...Ablaze Church による
How do we do life together in these crazy times? All of us are struggling with that as we go through a time that tends to isolate us and increase anxiety. In the Bible, the letters of Paul so often refer to “one another” or “each other.”...Ablaze Church による
One of the core values of Ablaze is “We Do Life Together.” It comes straight from the Bible. It runs a lot deeper than just sharing a cup of coffee and small talk, but sharing life, sharing love, sharing burdens, sharing concerns, sharing joys....Ablaze Church による
If you could, what would you change in your life? Since we live as imperfect people in an imperfect world, we could make a fairly long list. We are powerless to change other people and to change the externals over which we have no control, but there...Ablaze Church による
“Getting in shape” is a huge business. What you eat and how you exercise your body (along with other factors) affect your shape. But there are other dimensions besides the bodily. What about the spiritual? What shape are you in? Undernourished?...Ablaze Church による
Everyone is on one path or another. Is it the one leading to life, or the one leading to destruction? To be on the right path you have to enter by the right gate. By which gate will we enter? Jesus calls himself “The Gate.” He is the only gate...Ablaze Church による
Our God opens the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf. The Psalmist prays to the Lord, “Open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise.” We ask him to open our eyes “that I may behold wondrous things.” God opened the heavens and...Ablaze Church による
The Spirit brings an outpouring of love, joy, peace and power and supplies everything we need individually to live a victorious Christian life and for us corporately to accomplish the purposes for which He has called and gathered us. The Holy Spirit...Ablaze Church による
This weekend the Church celebrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, fifty days after the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. The Spirit brings an outpouring of love, joy, peace and power and supplies everything we need individually to live a victorious...Ablaze Church による
During the COVID-19 Pandemic we are tempted to be anxious about a lot of things, including our financial security. Strongly connected are issues about our economy, our employment and how we can maintain the basics of our lives. Jesus addresses those...Ablaze Church による
Jesus had a lot to say about love. More than that, he acted in perfect love, especially when we consider his willingness to go to the cross for us. Those actions give us the perfect model to emulate. The words of Jesus give the perfect path of love...Ablaze Church による
People speak to each other, using words. Words are containers of meaning. Words mean things. Words are powerful. Words have the power to destroy or give life. We all use words in various ways. Jesus had a lot to say about that in the Sermon on the...Ablaze Church による
The Bible deals with real life and real people. It tells of people who have messed up big time and yet by the grace of God and the working of the Holy Spirit in them they become heroes of the faith. God sets the highest behavioral standards and gets...Ablaze Church による
Early in his ministry Jesus went up on the mountain to teach the crowds that followed him.The purpose of Jesus was not to establish new heights in tourism, but to give a new view of life as it is lived under redemption in wholehearted devotion to...Ablaze Church による
How much longer? When is it over? Those questions come to everyone’s mind and the answers are elusive. We don’t have the answers but we know the one who IS the answer. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” If he is that, then...Ablaze Church による
St. Paul wrote to the Christians in Philippi (Philippians 2:1-11) that Jesus emptied himself and took on the form of a slave, was born in the likeness of men and humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Yet in...Ablaze Church による
Jesus faced multi-headed the monster of Satan, sickness, sin, and death. The world was in crisis ever since the disease of sin jumped the gap from the invisible demonic world into the masterpiece of God’s creation: humankind. Like COVID-19, sin...Ablaze Church による
Sounds crazy in a world where everything seems to get harsher, rougher, more threatening and hostile. The political climate is not getting gentler. The stance of nations toward each other is not getting gentler. Lingering in the ambience of our...Ablaze Church による
Can God be trusted? Read through the Bible and you’ll see an amazing track record. Read about Noah, Abraham, David. The list goes on and it includes us as well. All of God’s promises find their complete fulfillment in Jesus. The next question is,...Ablaze Church による
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