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Is there more to following Jesus than just waiting around for heaven? Yes! Don't miss the penultimate sermon of our Even Better Than You Think series. Questions or comments? Head to yarmouthwc.com to learn more about Yarmouth Wesleyan.Yarmouth Wesleyan Church による
If you’ve spent much time in church, you might be familiar with phrases like ‘Lamb of God’ or even the idea of being ‘washed in the blood’ -- but what exactly do we mean by this? How is Jesus an animal, and what does his blood have to do with anything?We find these answers (and much more) as the sixth week of our series leads us to the cross.Head t…
There's no place like home...but what happens when you're forced out of your home? In this week's sermon, Mark unpacks how the Israelites wrestle with losing their home, and what it means to live as exiles.Yarmouth Wesleyan Church による
Why does God choose a nation, and what are the implications for us today? Mark explores the Biblical theme of Israel in our third week of "Even Better Than You Think." Check out yarmouthwc.com for more sermons and information about Yarmouth Wesleyan.Yarmouth Wesleyan Church による
The first two chapters of the Bible give us a beautiful picture of a perfect new paradise...so what went wrong? AJ walks us through Genesis 3 with a fresh look at "The Fall" and its implications for our world today.Yarmouth Wesleyan Church による
AJ + Mark have a conversation about the resurrection -- whether it was an obstacle for their own faith, why people are prone to doubt other miracles, and more. Find us online: yarmouthwc.comInstagram: @yarmouthwesleyan Facebook: "Yarmouth Wesleyan Church"Yarmouth Wesleyan Church による
Week 1: AJ and Mark discuss the first weekend of the "Simply Good News" series. What really IS the Gospel? How necessary is the Old Testament for the Gospel to make sense? And how does Paul leave out the cross in his description of the Gospel?Yarmouth Wesleyan Church による
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