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Hear Matt Williams preach that we are but children, and that's a good thing. If we own up to the fact that we are children, then get to reap the benefits of being a children by placing the god-like burdens we’ve been carrying on God, and trusting that he will carry them.
Hear Rev. Ethan Smith preach that on the cross, Jesus was delivered up for our trespasses and was crushed to bring about our justification. When we take hold of that promise by faith, we don't need to find ways to justify ourselves anymore. We can find peace in our Father's love for us.
Hear Rev. Ben Milner preach that Christianity is not a religion of moral paragons, but a religion of people who are really broken. Jacob, one of the founders of the Christian faith, came from a dysfunctional family and needed redemption. God is a great redeemer.
Hear Rev. Derek Radney preach that we will die. Death is tragic, and the modern world might teach us to ignore the inevitability of death. But accepting our mortality is the key to wisdom on this side of Heaven. Christians can face death with courage and hope.
Hear Rev. Kevin Teasely preach that being full of faith means that we’ve give up on ourselves completely and are clinging to Jesus because he’s all we’ve got. Being full of faith is not something that we do, so much as it is something we are.
How can we be healed? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that while we have a spiritual sickness we can’t heal ourselves, Jesus came to take the full force of evil on himself to free those he loves. Satan was cast into the pit of hell forever through Jesus’ suffering on the cross.
Does life feel like a storm right now? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that while our lives are full of legitimately scary storms, Jesus was thrown into the one storm that can actually sink us: the storm of sin and death. He did not abandon us in the ultimate storm, so we can have confidence that he will never abandon us in the smaller storms we ar…
How can we change? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that Jesus can change your life. He can give you the transformation that you long for. His method of change is organic and not mechanical. When you receive his word deep in your heart, it supernaturally produces fruit that changes you from the inside out.…
What is your “if only”? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that our deepest need is to receive forgiveness, but we tend to think our needs are much shallower. If only we could get that MCAT or LSAT score, or if only we could be in with that group of people, then our lives would be okay. Thankfully, Jesus sees through our shallow diagnoses and extends …
Why does life so often feel so hard? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that God sends us into the wilderness because we are His beloved children. In the wilderness, God strips us of our spiritual pride and busyness so we can finally rest in him. He makes His power perfect in our weakness.
Why did a good God allow sin into his good world? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that God allowed sin into the world because redemption is better than perfection. God is not waiting for you to finally get it right; He wants to redeem you to be a part of his kingdom that comes as far as the curse is found.…
Will God deal with evil in the world? Hear Matt Williams preach that we experience evil everyday, both evil that is done to us and evil that we do to others. We all deserve judgement. But on the cross, Jesus broke the power of evil and saved us in the process.
How can I be happy? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that happiness comes from remembering God’s goodness. The only way to remember is repetition—continually being reminded that God is good. Seeking happiness anywhere else will just torture us because we are not our fantasy selves.
Do you want justice to roll down? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that yes, we all yearn for justice on a deep level, but we find in the Bible that we ourselves are the perpetrators of injustice. The Christian is the one who’s injustice has been forgiven, and who works alongside Jesus for justice in this world.…
Does God love you like Hosea loves his wife? Yes! Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that we have been sold like slaves on the auction block of sin, but when all seemed lost, God sent Jesus Christ to buy us at the cost of his own life. We are his.
Are we too numb? Do we have hearts that get angry at evil and long for good? Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach about the reality of a deep evil in our world, and the reality of a Good that is more just, deep, and splendid than we would dare imagine.
Would you throw a birthday party for prostitutes, or would you silently condemn them and go on with your day?Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that Jesus does not judge those who are on the bottom of society, but the judgers. Life with Jesus does not mean keeping the immoral out, but welcoming everyone as He has welcomed you.…
In this episode, we talk about the intentionality behind the rule of life. We focus on the work behind the rule - what are our core values? Resources: Rule of Life workbook Spirituality for Everyday Living by Brian C Taylor The Rule of St. Benedict by Joan ChittisterEpiscopal Student Fellowship, The Rev. James D Franklin III による
W.H. Auden says, “If the moths don’t get you, the wolves will.” Are you feeling anxious?Hear Rev. John Bourgeois preach that all of us are anxious about our treasure — something the moths or wolves can destroy. Our life in the Kingdom of God is a treasure that no one can touch.
Jesus’ teaching on murder and adultery is difficult — it can feel crushing. Hear John Bourgeois preach that Jesus isn’t close to good people, but the poor in spirit. And that Jesus didn’t come just to not murder and not adulterize you, but to give you life and love.
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