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The world is hurting and broken, and the solution is all of Jesus for all the world. In this message, guest speaker Marilyn Westergren shares what "all" means, and why we should give OUR all to bring all of Jesus for all the world.Trinity Alliance Church による
Impossible situations can be frustrating, but there's a secret in Scripture that can free you: impossible situations aren't actually impossible. In this message, Brian French shares how we can bring our impossible to our Heavenly Father.Trinity Alliance Church による
It is very simple for anyone to drift into hypocrisy, including Christians. How can we guard against that drift? In this message, Brian French shares why Jesus calls all of us to the way of the cross, and explains why our willingness to lay down...Trinity Alliance Church による
How can we be sure of the divinity of Jesus Christ? In this message, Brian French explains why it's possible to follow the signs towards understanding that Jesus is the Son of God, and what to be careful of while we pursue the truth.Trinity Alliance Church による
How do you feel about money these days? More importantly, how does God feel about how you feel towards money? In this message, Brian French shares what Jesus says we can leverage in order to be rich towards God, and how that simple attitude can...Trinity Alliance Church による
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