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What happens when you are going through a challenging time and your closest people let you down? What does it mean when they don't show up for you? Can we acknowledge our personal limitations around being there for our people, and extend that compassion to them when it's our turn?
All of our timelines for understanding and growth differ and we can't rush or control our own timing or those of others. Instead of questioning whether we could have done more to get a message across, a different question would be whether our audience is ready to hear it.
This one is for all of the kindhearted, naturally giving, generous people who have become afraid of being used or taken advantage of. You can set boundaries that protect you and allow you to decide when and how you help others. It doesn't make you withholding or selfish, it just makes you human.
A person who gives with the expectation of getting the same in return will feel resentful and empty when they don't get that. When you don't love and respect yourself it can actually drive healthy people away from you. Securely attached, emotionally healthy people aren't usually drawn to people-pleasing or martyr behaviour.…
It's really hard to mentor someone who isn't willing to get curious about themselves. People tend to be focused on analyzing others' behaviours and choices. A key qualifier for effective healing and growth is being open and curious about your own inner world.
In the story of Musa (pbuh) and Al-Khidr in Surat Al-Kahf, we witness an interaction between a Prophet who is also a distinguished leader of his people, and a slave of Allah that had been given knowledge and a special understanding of matters.
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