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"Freedom Fighters International" is a teacher, documentarian, and badass activist. We talk about winning the war offline, growing up half Chinese and half Japanese, racist liberals, redpilling, and the relief that comes from watching people line-dance.Peter Feliciano による
Special Guests. New Merch. No Net. After 3 years of hard work, controversy, love, and filth-- we celebrated with a 200th Episode of Conservatish LIVESTREAM Tues. 9/7!!! Hosted by Me and my Wifey Mike Harlow, feat. special guests and NEW MERCH!Peter Feliciano による
An Afro-Puerto Rican, an East Harlem native, and the owner of "Pole to Pole Fitness", Jen Rivera says she will NOT be checking customers' vaccine passports, NOR requiring employees to be vaccinated. The message: Be authentic; you are NOT alone.Peter Feliciano による
G.A.G. is a badass Libertarian and 90's-baby memer. We talk about living in China, Spice Girls, Gov impotence/malevolence, the stagnant hell of public schools, N'Sync, Milton Friedman, and Destiny's Child... I don't think you're ready for this jelly.Peter Feliciano による
Next up on "Straight White Man Week": Dunc is an Anarchist and the host of the "Break the State Podcast". We talk about Anarchism, the UGK, Alex Jones, Obama, Bill Gates, and 2 events that may or may not have happened this past Nov and Jan... ahem.Peter Feliciano による
FINALLY! It's "Straight White Man Week" on Conservatish! First up: James the Libertarian. We talk about Dallas Buyers Club, election fraud, OnlyFans, why The Left Can't Meme, regular blacks, victimless crimes, and keeping up with the Woke Joneses!Peter Feliciano による
Kali is a teacher who left CA after being fed up with the Critical Race Theory being forced on her students. We talk about boys being left behind, racism she gets from progressives, Obama, Salinas, Santa Cruz, and what our kids are actually being taught.Peter Feliciano による
Valery aka The Universal Egg is an Italian in Australia, as well as a lover of holistic psychology and mindfulness. We talk vulnerability, ego validity, the inner child, liberals, and spiritual growth and love- even when we are on social media!Peter Feliciano による
Adam is a thoughtful, brave author who just released the book "Black Victim to Black Victor". We talk about the upcoming exoneration of Derek Chauvin, how feminism hurts black women, liberal white supremacists, and how blacks can heal/empower themselves.Peter Feliciano による
"If you're listening to this, you are the resistence." -Terminator Salvation 2 of my favorite people are back on Conservatish to talk about rabbits, merkins, the untalented people in charge of art, responsibility... and... to make race jokes!Peter Feliciano による
Transsexual, Conservative, and Danish (what's that?), Marcus says he deals with much more hate from the Left than from the Religious. We talk about his recent top-surgery, there being only 2 genders, gatekeepers, hormones, messaging, and tits!Peter Feliciano による
Grace and Eden are young women from Glasgow. They began "Abortion. It's a Black & White Issue" to provide an anti-abortion safe space, highlight atrocities of the abortion industry, and challenge those who actively advocate for abortion. They're cool.Peter Feliciano による
Shemeka Michelle is an author, speaker, personal empowerment advocate, and member of the #WalkAway Movement. We have legendary conversation about #MeToo, being cookout-legit, identity politics, education vs. parenthood, abortion, and trying the milk!Peter Feliciano による
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