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台北在住の日台夫婦によるラジオ番組。日々感じたことや、台北での出来事などを日本語と中国語で話します。 這是住在台北的日台夫婦的廣播節目。我們將會用日語及中文雜談我們在台北所感受到的日常生活大小事。 Cover art photo provided by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash:
I’m Yohei Hayakawa, a media journalist in Japan. I think “March 11th, 2011”, that day was the turning point of people in Japan. “What is the most valuable and precious thing?” Not only a few people ask themselves this question.Some of them might have changed their way of living, such as where they work and live to find the answer. They might have already found it.The person, who is reading this interview program, may be one of them.We, Japanese people have kept having our own original mind; ...
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