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Master Distiller focuses on the infinite passion of Jesús Hernández, one of the finest Tequila distillers in the world, and head of the Olmeca distillery, as he unearths the secrets and myths of its production. We also meet people who have been influenced by Jesús.
Tahona takes a look at why the ancient Tahona method used to produce Olmeca Altos creates a more flavoursome Tequila, before moving on to Biko – Mexico’s highest rated restaurant – to see how they use the same volcanic rock in their contemporary kitchen.
In the second instalment of our Olmeca Altos short films, 100% Agave, Henry and Dre are still in Mexico travelling from Arandas to Mexico City. In this film they head out to the Agave fields to talk to the jimadores who harvest the plants used to make Olmeca Altos 100% Agave Tequila. They find out why it’s such an important craft and a vocation han…
Henry Besant and Dre Masso travel back to Mexico to rediscover and share their passion for Tequila. They'll speak to the people who make it, explore other uses of the Agave plant and talk to some of the best Bartenders in the world to understand why they love it too.
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