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Misery loves company... but too bad misery... We aren't going to let ourselves get jaded... In this ((Flow)) we practice the ((Bliss)) of ((Continuity)) of our ((attention))... And we take nothing for /granted/. Rediscover the ((Magic)) of ((Being)) by dropping the jaded lens, and daring to be ((Grateful)) again... for the first time. ;)…
In this class, let go of all preconceived notions about "yoga" and develop the power to say ((No)) to the ever-present tyranny of "Get there!" We were never actually separate from the ((Fabric)) of ((Reality)) that is ((Love)), yet we have learned to /desensitize/ to it. Let's ((Heal)) from our life-long /divorce/ from the ((Infinite)).…
The marriage of ((Meditation)) and ((Movement))... The ((meeting place)) of ((Stillness)) and ((Motion))... The ((convergence)) of ((Witnessing)) and ((Acting)). This class shows us, the real meaning of ((Less)) is ((More)).Näthan Gangadean による
Building on the fundamental principles of the last class, which emphasized attention to subtle awareness and exploration, the flow begins to introduce a little more heat, while sticking to the fundamentals. Great for just getting back into a deeper flow style.Näthan Gangadean による
Näthan returns after a 2 year ((Hiatus)) from teaching, in which he deepened his ((Yoga Science)) in preparation to ((teach)) like never before. He welcomes you back to a very sweet and gentle flow, that still goes ((Deep)) and has profound effects for your ((healing)) and ((wellness)).Näthan Gangadean による
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