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This is a weekly recording of the sermons preached in the main service at Akigawa Baptist Church in Tokyo, Japan. The sermons are in Japanese. We hope they are an encouragement to you in your Christian walk! 秋川バプテスト教会の日曜礼拝のメッセージのポッドキャストです。皆様のクリスチャンとしての歩みに励ましになるようにお祈りします!どうぞお聞きください。
I’m Yohei Hayakawa, a media journalist in Japan. I think “March 11th, 2011”, that day was the turning point of people in Japan. “What is the most valuable and precious thing?” Not only a few people ask themselves this question.Some of them might have changed their way of living, such as where they work and live to find the answer. They might have already found it.The person, who is reading this interview program, may be one of them.We, Japanese people have kept having our own original mind; ...
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満足でいることは非常に難しいことだと思いませんか? 時々、人生はただ満足感を負い求めるための「持っている」から「持っていない」に売るりまわる無限のサイクルだと感じませんか? 満足感を見つけ出し、そして保つ秘訣はいったい何でしょうか?そしてどこに見つけ出すのでしょうか?
Staying content can be incredibly difficult, can’t it? Doesn't it sometimes feel like life is an endless cycle of moving from a state of "not having" to "having" in our pursuit for satisfaction? What's the secret to finding and then maintaining contentment? Where can we go to discover the secret?
Do you know how valuable your attention is? Companies spend an unbelievable amount of money to capture your attention for even just a few seconds. Let's look at how important it is that WE are in control of our mind in our daily lives, and what those thoughts should be focused on.
イエス様に向かって一緒に走っていると、足が絡み合って、レースでつまずいて転ぶことがあります。その時は痛みや辛さを感じますよね。立ち上がるのが難しいこともあります。そんな時、どうしたら良いのでしょうか?あなたのために助けがあります! *このエピソードの音質にの不具合があってすみません。来週までには直るように頑張ります。
Sometimes, as you run together toward Jesus, your legs can get tangled up with one another and you can stumble in the race. When that happens, it can hurt. It can be hard to get back up. What do you do when that happens? There's help for you! *We apologize for the audio difficulties in this episode. We'll do our best to get it fixed by next week.…
Last week, we looked at what it means to watch and learn from others in our lives, and also the importance of showing others how God's grace is flowing through your life. But what happens if you aren't like Paul or Timothy? What if you don't think you have all that much of God's grace to show to others?…
Last week we saw how low Jesus was willing to go in humbling himself. Jesus’ descent of humility was massive. Today, we’re going to see that it didn’t end there. It’s followed by his soaring ascent of glory. How is that ascension described and how are we connected to it?
"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." This phrase unites the connection we have with Jesus and the connection we have with one another. The more we can uncover the depth and magnitude of its meaning, the more amazing this phrase becomes.
English below. 人間が作るワクチンは限りがあって全ての病気に効かない。神様が提供づるワクチンはどんなものかな? The vaccines humans make are limited and don't work against all diseases. What kind of vaccines does God provide?
English below. イエス様の弟子マタイは、イエス様のミニストリー(働き)の本質を3つのシンプルなフレーズで説明しています。同様に、その同じ三つの大切なことを私たちの生活の中に持ち越すことができます。 Matthew, a disciple of Jesus, describes the essence of the ministry of Jesus in three simple phrases. Those three essences of ministry can carry over into our lives as well.
Have you ever had to choose between two really good things? Like maybe two flavors of ice cream that you love, but could only choose one of them? Today, we're going to a similar choice that Paul faced, and one that you and I face as well. It's a choice that helps us to see more clearly how valuable life on earth is, and how wonderful life in Heaven…
English Below イエスさまを信じる者を励まし、慰め、助けるために共に働くものが二つありますが、その二つが何であるか知っていますか?パウロは、そのクリスチャンに与える励ましを私たちが聖霊さまとどのように共に働くのかを教えてくださいます。 There are two things that work together to encourage, comfort, and help a believer in Jesus. Do you know what they are? Paul helps us to see how we get to work together with the Holy Spirit in providing that encouragement.…
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