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At Mercedes-Benz of Flagstaff, we are committed to delivering luxury vehicles and exceptional service to our clients in the Sedona, Prescott, Cottonwood Payson, and Page areas. We offer a wide selection of Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well as a state-of-the-art service center staffed by experienced technicians. Whether you’re looking for a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle or a more affordable certified pre-owned option, there is something for you in our showroom. This podcast will keep you in the know ...
The Mercedes Wilson Show addresses the topics in today's church and marriage from all angles. You can watch the Mercedes Wilson show on the Now Network, Kitv Network, Wbbz-Tv and LCTV. You can catch up on episode on YouTube. Marital Mondays are live on Facebook and Periscope. Support this podcast:
Die faszinierende Welt von Mercedes-Benz jetzt als Podcast! Lehnen Sie sich zurück und lassen Sie sich von den Stimmen unserer professionellen Vorleser mitnehmen auf eine Reise in die Zukunft der Mobilität: exklusive und spannende Beiträge zu den neuesten Modellen und Innovationen, Einblicke in die Entwicklung der Elektromobilität und vieles mehr.
Stories and practical advice from inspiring individuals pursuing their passion. Motivating you and myself to get out there and make it happen. Learn from successful entrepreneurs, content creators, social media influencers, athletes, and people in video production. Javier Mercedes is a video tech tutorial YouTuber and professional video editor that wants you to grow your brand and business by hearing tips from these amazing guests.
An uplifting and motivating podcast to inspire those caught between two worlds. We’ve all had different journeys resulting in beautiful individual stories waiting to be told. A conversation with my loving aunt Cary a while back encouraged and made me become aware that I wasn’t alone in an identity struggle, it forever instilled confidence in who I am on two continents. This is my story, let me hear yours...
Now you can experience the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz in a podcast. Sit back, relax and let the voices of our professional readers take you on a journey into the future of mobility: featuring exclusive and exciting contributions concerning the latest models and innovations, as well as insights into the development of electric mobility and so much more!
Amplifying the Afro in Afro-Dominican. We on a journey of embracing our blackness as Dominicans - from a place of love and celebration. Please join us on this journey of self-discovery and embracing our blackness.Our podcast will be a platform to explore topics such as hair, Dominican history, Immigration, Colorism, Body Image, Dominican culture in the arts, and more. We will be asking questions like: What is a typical Dominican? Is there one? How can we do more with embracing our blackness? ...
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6:00 – 2 Truths 1 Lie: Knocked Out Cold 7:00 – Not Gonna Happen Gift 8:00 – Song Association Game: Xmas Game, Change Someone Didn’t Like, Travel to the Past or Future 9:00 - Debilitating Fear​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Enemy Territory 7:00 – Minden Monday, Terms Gen Z Will Not Understand 8:00 – Holiday Games, Tipping for the Holidays, Undercover Cop 9:00 - JC’s Jerk or Justified – Sis In Law Gift​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) here is what you missed on the show this morning.. We talk about the annoying moments where our packages were stolen, a stranger helps out someone on the show with their car problems, for the Oh Wow Wheel 2 people picked the SAME song, and being walked in on by a family member doing the you know what.. Enjoy! See omnys…
6:00 – 2 Truths 1 Lie: John Mayer 7:00 – Tried For The First Time, Ladies Christmas Gift 8:00 – Unique Eating Habit, Weird School Assignment, Talking to Someone Famous, Bonded Over KPOP 9:00 - Oddest Thing Stolen​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Sounds In Your Home That Bug You 7:00 – Best LV Residency, Old That Is New Again 8:00 – Emergency Room Visits, Try It Tues: Gingerbread Cookie Kit Kat, Meeting Your Doppelganger 9:00 - Feels Like A Work Out​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Show Is Worth The Watch 7:00 – Minden Monday, Family Drama 8:00 – Surprise You Pulled Off, Shocking Thing Kid Said, Something That Makes You Look Crazy 9:00 - JC’s Jerk or Justified: Delivery Room Dilemma​, BTS Army See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Food Aversions 7:00 – Dumb Warning Label, Kacey Musgraves 8:00 – Phrase You Always Say At Work, Oh Wow Wheel, Sounds That Excite You 9:00 - 2005 Year Rewind Quiz​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Foot In Mouth Moment 7:00 – Thanksgiving Side Dishes, Wrestler Mercedes Martinez 8:00 – That Was Awkward: Mercedes’ Back Rubs, Hummingbird or Woodpecker, Sound Effect Theater 9:00 - Injured by Food​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – 2 Truths 1 Lie: Lenny Crab Cakes 7:00 – Never Done This 8:00 – Not What It Seems, Funny Wedding Name, Phrase You Wish Would Go 9:00 - Hardest Thing About Your High School Sport​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
Congratulations to Miss Stacie Anthony who teaches AP and Teacher Education at Northwest Career and Technical Academy for being our November Teacher of the Month! Miss Anthony was nominated by her sophomore student Charlene. Miss Anthony will receive a $100 Visa gift card courtesy of Findlay Chevrolet an additional $100 Visa gift card for a class p…
6:00 – Product Nemesis 7:00 – Old Saying You Still Use, Narrowly Avoid Danger 8:00 – Left Behind, Try It Tuesday: Sugar Cookie Latte, Worst Christmas Song, Common Complaint Your Business Gets 9:00 - Cringey Clothing Items​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Team Bonding Experience 7:00 – Non Compliment Look Alike, Sport Injury 8:00 – Warned About Your Job, OWW: Girl Groups, Coworker’s Spouse, Artist from the Bronx, Changing Your Hair 9:00 - 1987 Rewind Quiz​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – 2 Truths 1 Lie: Reynelda Muse 7:00 – Don’t Miss From Your Home State 8:00 – Most Rebellious Thing You’ve Done, Most Cringe Thing On Social Media, Legal But Should Be Illegal, Movie Made You Cry 9:00 - Place You Must Visit​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Everything You’ve Lost In Your Life 7:00 – Pregnancy Positively Effect You, Lying About Age To Get Discount 8:00 – Job You Have To Constantly Apologize, Try It Tuesday: Salt & Straw Ice Cream, Completely Ruined For You 9:00 - Six Degrees Of Las Vegas​ See for privacy information.…
6:00 – Convince Family To Do 7:00 – Minden Monday, Celeb Visit Your Business 8:00 – Tortured Song On Loop, Neighborhood Mystery, Wish Had Kids, 9:00 - J.C.’s Jerk or Justified: Fall Leaves​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Person You Are Named After 7:00 – Ruined Your Family Dynamic, Item That a Celeb Owned 8:00 – Holding a Place in the Grocery Line, OWW: Own Category, Adele High Note Challenge 9:00 - 2000 Year Rewind Quiz​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – 2 Truths 1 Lie: Sandwiches For A Year 7:00 – Bought Because of a Celeb, Zoom Call Gone Wrong 8:00 – Wardrobe Malfunction, Hacked Because of a Scam, Useless Thing They Taught You 9:00 - A Band Everyone Must See​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Most Valuable Thing You’ve Lost 7:00 – Everyone Hate But You Love, Travel Screw Up 8:00 – Girl Code, Try It Tuesday: Healthy Snacks, Difficult Conversations 9:00 - Thing You Were Doing Wrong​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
On the show we had Kelsea Ballerini join the show! Mercedes and J.C., talked to Kelsea about the new single "I Quit Drinking," the first song she ever wrote was for her mom on Mother's Day because she forget a Mother's Day present, as a kid she always wanted to be a vet and didn't think she could be a singer, being on tour with the Jonas Brothers, …
6:00 – 2 Truths 1 Lie: Splinter Booty 7:00 – Worst Pain You’ve Experienced 8:00 – Went to the Wrong Place, Movies That Make You Laugh, Something You Need To Get Off Your Chest 9:00 - Coolest Room in the House​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
Congratulations to Mr. Brown from Valley High School for being our October Teacher of the Month! Mr. Brown, Director of Bands at Valley High School, was nominated by senior Noah Hageman who said, “Mr. Brown is very patient with all of us. He is also a very funny and kind teacher. We often have to stay after school to practice our marching band rout…
6:00 – Broke While Using 7:00 – Odd Comment About Your Profession, Purchase You Got In Trouble For 8:00 – Popular Thing That Fell Off, Things That Give You Anxiety, Annoy a Las Vegan in 5 words or less 9:00 - JC’s Jerk or Justified: Parking Dilemma​ See for privacy information.…
6:00 – Proudest Possession 7:00 – Grandparents Babysitting Grandkids, Worst Time of Year for Your Job 8:00 – OWW: Playlist Song, An Idea You Can’t Wrap Your Head Around 9:00 - 1992 Year Rewind Quiz​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Public Meltdown 7:00 – Officially Old List, Angry Cry 8:00 – That Was Awkward: Doggy Tricks, Afraid To Do In Public, Life Mimic A Movie 9:00 - Best Sporting Event You’ve Watched​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Kid Thing You Still Do 7:00 – Regional Misunderstandings, Pretends To Like 8:00 – Workplace You Don’t Want To See Again, Try It Tuesday: Faux Bangs, Life Saving Tip 9:00 - Kid Compliment​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Cried In Public 7:00 – Reverse Theme Song Game, Describe Your Happiest Day 8:00 – Not Liking a Specific Brand, It Does Hurt To Ask, Sleeping Hacks 9:00 – JC’s Jerk or Justified: Wife and Her Old Life​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – Best Time Of Day 7:00 – Movie Plot Game, Topic That People Divert to You 8:00 – Popular Thing That Deserves The Hype, OWW: Grab Bag, Women Higher Tolerance To Pain 9:00 – 2001 Rewind Quiz​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
6:00 – 2 Truths 1 Lie: Nose Bleed 7:00 – Fancy As A Kid, Separated But Not Divorced 8:00 - Tricks to Get Tips, Final Movie Line, Non Traditional Family Betrayal 9:00 - Weather Ruined For You​ See for privacy information.Audacy による
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