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It's episode 50! Lisa and Justin discuss the Halftime Show, the upcoming SpaceX Heavy Falcon launch, soil so rich with nitrogens it's polluting the air, and the likelihood of atmospheres on two of the recently discovered planets in the Trappist system.
In episode 49 of the Spaced Out podcast, Lisa and Justin chat about the Super Blue Blood Moon on Jan 31st, the effect of wifi radiation on living cells (spoiler alert: it isn't good), and using sterilized Tilapia skin to heal third-degree burns on rescued black bears in California.
In episode 47 of the Spaced Out podcast, Lisa and Justin chat about drilling into the Earth's mantle, a giant disco ball orbiting the Earth called The Humanities Star, and the use of VR to help Winter Olympians train. Go, USA, go!
In episode 46 of the Spaced Out podcast, Lisa and Justin chat about the false ballistic missile alarm in Hawaii, the man-flu, and the newest Martian discovery. They also discuss new reports of the ocean floor sinking (it's a real thing). Mind. Blown.
Lisa and Justin ring in the new year with their first episode of 2018! In the first episode of SEASON FOUR (can you believe it??), they chat about Tabby's Star, the extinction of the cocoa plant, and a 58-year old Frenchman that flies with geese. Oh, they also talk about axolotls, salamander-like creatures that can regenerate limbs, their spine, an…
Surprise! SpaceX launched a rocket over LA! Lisa and Justin are back in this surprise bonus episode about SpaceX's rocket launcher over LA on December 22, 2017. Justin witnessed the launch first hand...and tells Lisa all about it. You want to hear this!Lisa Caskey による
In this episode, Lisa and Justin chat about miles and miles of plastic waste floating in the Caribbean, Antartica's growing and shrinking ice sheet, and Oumuamua, the comet disguised as an asteroid. They also give California some major credit...the state's plastic bag waste in has been cut in half since 2010!!…
In this episode, Lisa and Justin chat about Toygers, short-haired tabby cats bred to look like tigers. They also discuss electronic waste, Egyptian weapons made from meteorites, and UFOs in Nevada. (Lisa saw some gnarly unidentified drones, y'all.)Lisa Caskey による
In this episode, Lisa and Justin chat about her recent move up to Seattle! (It was treacherous, y'all.) They also discuss deer humping female monkeys in Japan and recent attempts to resurrect the Tasmanian Tiger, a species that went extinct in 1936.Lisa Caskey による
In this episode, Lisa and Justin chat about his recent trip to Belize and their favorite Christmas songs! They also discuss ambidextrous blue whales and plastic-digesting caterpillars. CRISPR or not to CRISPR? That is the modern-day moral question...
Nat Cassidy is back! In this episode, Lisa chats with Nat about his recent successes, including his recently published novelization of the sci-fi noir thriller, "Steal the Stars." (It's SO GOOD!) They also get into his newly published play, "Tenants Or, When the Hornet Arrives," a cutting-edge, horrific tale about love, lust, and psychopaths. Links…
In this episode, Lisa and Justin chat about a pencil-shaped asteroid unlike anything ever seen in our solar system, gene drives, CRISPR's newest evolution, and plastic fibers that have been found in the deepest trenches of our oceans. We also talk about Instagram photos that have made their way into MoMa.…
In this bonus episode, Lisa reviews Steal the Stars, a podcast written by Mac Rogers and directed by Jordanna Williams. Starring Ashlie Atkinson as Dak and Neimah Djourabchi at Matt, the show also features Nat Cassidy as Lloyd (see episode 08 for more on Nat!).
In this episode, Lisa and Justin talk about a new species of rat (it's 18" long!), planets and asteroids spacecraft will visit within the next five years (Europa and Ganymede are on the list!!), and plans for Elon Musk's Martian Metropolis.
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