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According to, Google Chrome has the healthiest market share. Although Safari and Opera are still in use, Chrome, Firefox and IE are still the top contenders. Knowing which browsers visitors use to surf your site is helpful in making changes or adding more advanced design elements.SEO | Law Firm による
Heatmaps can show lawyers how website users interact with their content, navigation menu and other interactive elements on their site. This is a valuable marketing tool that identifies where lawyers can improve their sites.SEO | Law Firm による
Marketers have been telling lawyers to blog for years, because content rules when it comes to online marketing. Blogging can be tedious if you are fresh out of ideas. Here are nine areas that might give your tired brain a boost for ideas.SEO | Law Firm による
Facebook’s news about their new search engine in beta development, Facebook Graph, has left many law firms with questions about how to make sure their site is well-positioned when it is launched.SEO | Law Firm による
Instagram profiles will be different from those one other social networking sites, as they are only focused on pictures produced by mobiles devices. This is a good opportunity to share pictures about your firm in an different venue.SEO | Law Firm による
The goal of live support is to initiate contact before a visitor clicks away from your site, but is this type of service best for your area of practice? Find out the pros and cons of online chat or live support on a law firm’s website.SEO | Law Firm による
Unique content is not the only thing a law firm needs to worry about with its marketing strategy. Unique words are no longer enough – you now must have unique ideas to survive in the post Pengiun world.SEO | Law Firm による
Color psychology is something we understand subconsciously when we choose the colors that surround us. A potential client’s reaction to color must be considered before developing your marketing strategy.SEO | Law Firm による
Websites designed for desktaop browsing are increasingly utilizing oversized elements. While monitors are getting larger, many people are viewing your website on a smaller screen like an iPhone or iPad.SEO | Law Firm による
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