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Jessica and Monica are two gals without film degrees discussing the Hollywood Daddies who ignite and excite them endlessly. Inspired by an immense love for Jon Favreau, the ultimate multi-talented Daddy, each week they discuss the work of another film powerhouse whose skill and star power exceeds all expectations. #DontSueUsDaddyFavreau
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Some may say this Daddy is too Baby of a Daddy, but Monica and Jessica beg to differ! Daddy Daniel Kaluuya is having a moment in Hollywood right now and has already established his star power at a mere 32 years of age. He stunned audiences with his debut performance in Get Out, provided a moving yet haunting performance in Queen & Slim, and transfo…
Jessica and Monica finally tackle Monica’s favorite smol Daddy--Rian Johnson. Daddy Rian perfected the quirky con movie with The Brothers Bloom, confused and captured audiences with the mindf*ck that is Looper, and revived the whodunnit genre with Knives Out. He is a superstar writer and director (despite apparently ruining Star Wars) who definitel…
Join Monica and Jessica as they dig into one of America’s most powerful sweethearts--the bubbly yet forceful Reese Witherspoon. Reese terrified audiences with her black comedy skills as Tracy Flick in Election, proved that brains have nothing to do with beauty in Legally Blonde, and stripped down literally and figuratively for her heart wrenching p…
Is there anything more infuriating than a Daddy who is as talented as he is attractive? Jessica and Monica discuss one of the Ultimate Daddies--the unbelievably gifted and disgustingly hot Brad Pitt. Brad cemented his place in Hollywood in David Fincher’s Se7en, took on an epic yet touching role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and proved th…
Join Monica and Jessica as they take on one of the funniest young Daddies of his time, the multi-talented Jonah Hill. Daddy Jonah defined a generation in Superbad, proved his dramatic range in Moneyball, and flexed his filmmaking skills with his debut film mid90s. He’s truly an incomparable talent that the heavens blessed us with and we thank Seth …
Cozy up with Monica and Jessica as they dive into one of the least hate-able people in Hollywood, the woman whose voice sounds like a hug, whose onscreen presence is a comfort no matter how angst-ridden her characters--that woman is Kate Winslet. She landed a permanent place in our hearts with Titanic, brought depth to an unexpectedly relatable cha…
Everyone knows what a Jim Carrey movie is like, but not everyone has been exposed to the depth of a James Eugene Carrey film. Today Monica and Jessica examine the range of America's favorite funnyman--Jim Carrey. His transcendent physical and verbal comedy skills were at their prime in Liar Liar, his dramatic chops began to show themselves in the t…
If you're under the age of 30, chances are you primarily saw Jamie Lee Curtis as a mom-type. But how wrong you were! Listen in and Jessica and Monica dig in to Jamie's earlier work, the work that established her as a dazzling, girl next door, sex icon in Hollywood prior to her transition to more maternal roles. She proved her comedic chops in A Fis…
Wes Anderson’s film aesthetic is one of the most widely recognizable in Hollywood, but it’s his attention to detail, character driven plots, and layered plots that make him stand out as a Daddy to Jessica and Monica. He became commercially regarded with...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
When you think of Classic Hollywood actresses, chances are at least one of the first stunning starlets to pop into your mind is Audrey Hepburn. She’s “classic” in every sense of the word, but has immense talent behind her beautiful exterior, making her...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jessica and Monica take on one of Hollywood's brightest stars--the absolutely magnetic and astonishing Viola Davis. Daddy Viola gave dimension to the White savior film The Help, proved her badass-ness in Widows, and literally brought the house down in...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jack Black may be beloved, but that doesn’t always mean he’s acclaimed--Monica and Jessica are here to convince you that he should be! He burst onto the scene as music snob Barry in High Fidelity, stole our hearts and taught us to rock in School of...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
It’s time for part two, kids! Join Monica and Jessica as they wrap up their discussion of the ultimate Daddy, the Queen of the Academy, Meryl Streep. They cover her quiet strength in The Bridges of Madison County, her confident comedy in It’s...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
The time has finally come for Monica and Jessica to dive into one of the ultimate Daddies, the truly untouchable queen of cinema, the disgustingly talented Meryl Streep. In this first episode on Daddy Meryl, your hosts go over her touching beginnings in...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
It’s nearly 2021, Children of Favreau! Join Monica and Jessica for their final hot take of the year--that movie musicals deserve justice! They’ll take you through three shining examples of the evolution of the movie musical with Singin’ in the Rain,...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Children of Favreau, and welcome to the first annual Holiday Special! The amount of festive films out there is plentiful, so Monica and Jessica have chosen three full of HoliDaddies to get you into the spirit of...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Listen in as Jessica and Monica dig into one of America's sweethearts, the gal you can't help but adore, the one and only Julia Roberts. Julia proved her talent at a young age in Pretty Woman, fought for environmental rights and won an Oscar for Erin...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jessica and Monica discuss a polarizing Daddy this week, one of the snappiest and wittiest writers in Hollywood, the incredibly talented yet sometimes incredibly frustrating Aaron Sorkin. They take you through his awe-inspiring beginnings with A Few...
On this week’s episode, Monica and Jessica take on Daddy Nora Ephron, a woman who defined a genre and inspired millions to believe in love stories--including all the heartbreak that goes with them. Listen to hear how Nora made herself an icon early on...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
On this week’s episode, Jessica and Monica discuss a Big Comedy Daddy, a Daddy whose films punctuated their formative years, the one and only Judd Apatow. They’ll take you through his directorial debut with The 40-Year-Old Virgin, his ascent to...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jessica and Monica haven’t found another Daddy that embodies quiet strength quite like Colin Firth. While he’s undoubtedly been Hollywood’s precious British baby for some time, Colin’s critical success came later in his career. He brought us sensual...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Monica and Jessica dish on the world's favorite Scottish motorcycling Daddy--the freakishly talented yet seldom recognized (we're looking at you, Academy) Ewan McGregor! He skyrocketed to fame as a heroin addict in Trainspotting, proved he could be a...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
There really isn't anyone like Jack Nicholson. Listen as Jessica and Monica do their best to describe the incredible scope of this Big Daddy's talent, range, and career in their discussion of just three of his films. He shot to superstardom in The...
Join Monica and Jessica for their first themed episode--the first annual spooky Halloween special! When it comes to Halloween films, there are a lot of iconic ones to choose from, so your hosts have picked three Daddy-ful yet spooky flicks to set the...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Join Jessica and Monica as they chat about the Daddy that has somehow managed to straddle music, musical theatre, film, and television all at once--the freakishly talented Bette Midler. While Hollywood tends to throw the same kind of role at Bette every...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jessica and Monica crack open Hollywood's big bad brooding baby, the master of acting with the eyes, the boyish but deeply complicated Ryan Gosling. Ryan became widely known for his starring romantic role in "The Notebook", stunned audiences with his...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jessica and Monica surrender themselves to Hollywood's modern monster master, the sweetest baby in the biz, the precious and eerily creative Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo won over American audiences with Pan's Labyrinth, revived the Gothic romance with...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Monica and Jessica give some love to one of Hollywood’s forgotten, but beloved Daddies--the absolutely precious and insanely talented Brendan Fraser. He suddenly shot to stardom in School Ties, established himself as an action star in The Mummy, and...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jessica and Monica dig into the age-defying, odds-defying, gravity-defying queen that is Jennifer Lopez. She stole our hearts in Selena, wasted M&Ms in The Wedding Planner, and showed us who’s boss in Hustlers. J. Lo’s long and diverse career...
Jessica and Monica tackle one of the biggest Daddies of all time—one of their personal top five—the suspiciously sexy and talented Jeff Goldblum. They unpack his gross beginnings in “The Fly”, his space romp “Earth Girls Are Easy”, and his brainy...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Monica and Jessica continue their discussion of Daddy Adam Sandler, focusing on his rise to critical success and how his years of comedic acting helped him tap into dramatic roles in Punch-Drunk Love, Spanglish, and Uncut Gems. These roles have left...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Monica and Jessica take on one of the most underestimated actors of our time--the brilliant and multifaceted Adam Sandler. Because of his immense range, Sandler’s Daddy-ness will be explored in two parts. This first part covers his comedic beginnings...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
This week, Jessica and Monica discuss one of Hollywood’s fastest rising filmmakers, a woman who understands modern female relationships arguably too well--the ever fascinating Greta Gerwig. They start with her breakout acting performance in Frances Ha...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
On this week’s episode, Jessica and Monica tackle a king of comedy, one of the funniest Daddies around, the unparalleled Eddie Murphy. They discuss his early commercial success in Beverly Hills Cop, his talent for playing multiple characters in films...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jessica and Monica discuss their first female daddy, one of America’s sweethearts, everyone’s favorite no-nonsense girl next door--Sandra Bullock. They cover her rise in the ‘90s in Speed and Practical Magic, through her most iconic role in Miss...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jessica and Monica cover one of their top daddies, the king of stealing the show, the gift that keeps on giving--Stanley Tucci. They discuss three films that show the range of Tucci as both an actor and a filmmaker--Big Night, The Devil Wears Prada, and...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
On the first episode of Jon Favreau is My Daddy, Jessica Garcia and Monica Montoya discuss their mutual love of Daddy Favreau and how feeling out of place in sophisticated film circles led them to start this podcast in his name. They dive into three...Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast による
Jon Favreau Is My Daddy Podcast with Jessica Garcia and Monica Montoya A Podcast for People Who Didn’t Go To Film School Who Love FilmsOfficial Podcast Theme By Aaron Daniel JacobA piping hot, deeply delicious, fabulously fresh take on the classic film...Jon Favreau Is (Allegedly) My Daddy による
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