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Join Howard Hughes as he explores the world of the unexplained, live from London Howard has been in conversation with some of the world's most renown mediums and paranormal investigators, more information is available on The Unexplained website - where you can join the mailing list, contact Howard and more!
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World renowned Ufologist Philip Mantle - from Flying Disk Press - talks about his new book "UFO Landings UK" including many previously unknown or little known accounts... Also...Harvard Astrophysics Professor and Galileo project Founder Avi Loeb on a possible "extraterrestrial" discovery in the Pacific and the quest to find out more about it...…
Rebecca F. Pittman discusses her new book on a case that has shocked America... the bizarre and disturbing killings linked to Pamela Hupp - currently the subject of an NBC tv mini-series in the US starring Rene Zellweger... **LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED - DISTURBING DETAILS INCLUDED**
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