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It's not just a Podcast, It's a PoetryCast! A unique show where knowledge, industry jargons and life concepts are delivered in interesting story telling format blended with Hindi Poetry, Urdu Sher and Shayari. Trust us, if you listen it once, you will tune in every week for the new episodes. Emerging poets from the Gali Mohallas of the country will also accompany Rahul Ladha to the show. If you think, that you are the one who has that Spark of poetry writing and/or rendition, you are most we ...
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Must listen episode of गली का ग़ालिब (Gali ka Ghalib). बापू के चरख़े से, या मोहब्बतों की बोली से,सुधर गए तो ठीक, वरना मानेगें ये गोली से।।#haatras #nirbhaya #priyankareddy #unnavRahul Ladha による
हिंदी भारत माता के माथे की बिन्दी है।।Tune in to this special episode of गली का ग़ालिब (Gali ka Ghalib) to listen wonderful recitation of poetries penned by famous Hindi Poetry Signatures such as Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Kavi Neeraj, Kumar Vishwas, Atal Bihari Bajpayee and many more!Best collection together.…
मैं समन्दर हूँ, ईमान का नमक खाये बैठा हूँधरा से इश्क़ में अपने हाथ जलाए बैठा हूँ।।Must listen to this episode of super successful show गली का ग़ालिब . In this episode, Love stories from Indian cinema are shared with lots of love in signature poetry and sher shayari format.Rahul Ladha による
रिश्ते में तो ये सब एक्टर्स के बाप होते है, नाम है अमिताभ।Do tune in to this amazing episode of गली का ग़ालिब (Gali ka Ghalib) to know inspiring lessons from the life of none other than superstar of the millennium, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.Rahul Ladha による
ये नगो में हीरे जैसा, नायाब नगीना होता है,सच है ये भी है हर एक दोस्त कमीना होता है।।Must tune into this amazing episode on Friendship, covering mythological stories and nostalgic Hindi poetry on यारी, दोस्ती और Friendship. All in Gali ka Ghalib (गली का ग़ालिब) style.Rahul Ladha による
सिंह से दहाड़ते है, बोटियाँ उखाड़ते है,शत्रुओं की छाल पे, है काल से बरसते।This one is sure to give you goosebumps. Must listen to this Kargil Vijay Diwas Special episode of गली का ग़ालिब (Gali ka Ghalib) . शानदार कविता और किस्से कारगिल पर। Inspirational stories of Kargil Victory Heroes. भारत माता की जय।…
Must Listen this inspirational episode on Personal Brand Building, Retaining and Enhancing your self brand. शानदार शेर, शायरी और किस्से।Superb Sher, Shayari and Brand Building tricks in amazing story telling way. अपनी शख्सियत के सारथी, समझो तुम ही हो,अपने पार्थ भी तुम हो, हां केशव भी तुम ही हो।।Rahul Ladha による
Not to be missed episode. Amazing motivational stories and tips on startups. शानदार किस्से और शेर आपको प्रेरित कर देंगे।Mark Zuckerberg को फेसबुक से पहले कौन जानता था...Rahul Ladha による
This episode is worth your time! Tune in to hear amazing Stories and Sher highlighting importance of time. Get interesting tips and tricks on time management in stylish poetry telling format!शानदार शेर और किस्से, टाइम मैनेजमेंट पर।Rahul Ladha による
This one is a must listen after the recent suicide by an actor who was suffering from depression.Don't miss this episode of गली का ग़ालिब (Gali Ka Ghalib) where lots of interesting tips to combat depression by having positive attitude in life is shared by way of aptly penned poetries and stories.Rahul Ladha による
Must listen audio of गली का ग़ालिब (Gali ka Ghalib) for all those who just believe in Destiny and also for all those who believe in sheer Hardwork. Amazing Hindi poetries and stories on luck and hardwork. जानदार कविताएं और साथ में शानदार कहानियां।Rahul Ladha による
With this episode of Gali Ka Ghalib (गली का ग़ालिब), enter the memory lane and relive your childhood by listening to mesmerizing poetries and stories.You bet!Rahul also gives you wonderful account of what to do and what not to do when it comes to your own child by way of poetries.Rahul Ladha による
No achievement in this world is complete without blessings from one's beloved mother. This episode of Gali Ka Ghalib (गली का ग़ालिब) pays homage to Motherly love. Do listen, Subscribe and atleast Share this episode with your mother...probably the best way to say that You Love her without saying so.Rahul Ladha による
This is the introductory episode.If you are a Hindi poetry lover in stylish story telling way, Gali ka Ghalib is for you!Soak yourselves in soulful poetic renditions by Rahul Ladha (Poet, Author, Emcee) and meet wonderful, talented and budding Poets, Poetess, Authors, Writers from your neighborhood.Rahul Ladha による
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