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This week, Dr Eric Mason preached from 2 Timothy 4:1-8. He explains what core ingredients should be in well balanced Gospel preaching and teaching. He cautions to Believers to be able to discern sound teaching from false teaching with Jesus sprinkled on the backend of it. Sound Preaching is not only for personal felt needs but also for cultivating …
This week, Dr. Eric Mason preached from Ezekiel 34:1-6;23. He talks about how today's pastors and leaders have failed in leading the flock. He challenges church leadership to fortify their Character over Competency in reflecting the Image of Christ who is the Chief Shepherd
This week, Dr.Eric Mason preached from Acts 1:4-11 . He talks about getting back to the appropriate “Brand of Christianity” that we need to display and live out as Christ's Church. This can only be done through being continuously filled and partnering with the Holy Spirit .
This week, Pastor Gueshill Wharwood preached from James 4:1-10. He talks about on the Root causes of what causes coveting, envy and quarreling between each other which comes from within. We are in need of God's Grace and a constant disposition of repentance in regards to our sinful tendencies
This week, Pastor Mac Lawhorn preached from James 3:16-18. He gives us the distinction between the Wisdom that comes from God and the Wisdom of World. He warns us that True Authentic Wisdom is not knowledge and intellectualism alone. Godly Wisdom is never self-centered or prideful but comes with purity, humility and peace…
This week, Pastor Curtis Dunlap preached from James 2:14-26. He explains that our Faith is not just confessional but is also accompanied with fruitful actions of showing mercy. He shows us how Abraham's example of Faith was manifested in obedience.
This week, Dr. Eric Mason preached from Genesis 2:24-25. He talks about Sex and Dating being done under a biblical framework and the counterfeit oneness of Shacking. He encourages us to always seek divine counsel in the courtship process.
This week, Dr Eric Mason preached from Romans 14:16-23. He talks about our liberties/preferences shouldn't be more important than considering the Love we have for our fellow Believers. Making our preferences a priority can be sin if it causes them to stumble.
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