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Choose wisely someone who is a good listener that you can feel comfortable with. Where do you find this person? How will you feel after you have released some of your thoughts and feelings? Listen now to learn more.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Appreciation and Praise are more powerful motivators than money and physical intimacies. Some things you can do include: be polite and respectful, as people for their solutions for a problem, don’t give orders, listen, be positive. Listen now to learn more.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Daily reminders of the powerfulness of the positives that do exist in our lives. There is a choice as to where we focus our energies. Enjoy the positive feelings that do exist between people, things, and events. Make a list of positives in your life and then when you are frustrated think about an item from this list. End your day by recalling two p…
What takes place in this world is not as important as how we view it. Put things in perspective. Is our stress and frustration really worth it? Have something to look forward to. Looking forward can keep you focused and excited. Help others, there is no better way to forget about your worries than to help others with theirs. Listen now to learn mor…
Looking for some tools to get through these times. Dr. Mike Mayer has some tips for you. We all have different strengths and challenges. Learn about some tools that you have at hand to help you through this.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Fear which is common in these times needs to be replaced with hope for the future. Can we take actions to reduce our fear such as washing hands, and taking precautions. We have the time to get closer and be a family unit. Don't forget that joy and happiness can come in small packages. Each one of us has the potential to adapt to life's challenges.…
In the time of Covid-19 we need to meet this challenge in a personally successful way. Yet it can overwhelm us in all it's negative effects. Do not shut down and let fear be your only answers. Fight fear with real answers you can do to protect yourself and others. Do something to help the situation. Redirect yourself to activities and accomplish ta…
What are the unmovable beliefs we have about what makes us different? Can we change those beliefs? Can we look at the beliefs of others with an open mind and heart? Can we open our belief systems to new ideas or flexibility?Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Wealth means different things to different people. We come by our concept of wealth through our family of origin and our experiences. Can we broaden our concept of wealth to include the many ways we can reach others lives and share with them our many wealth's we posses as a person.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
At this busy time when everyone is trying to gift gifts to so many people we often forget the caring and loving that should go with the process. Let them know you care about them and how they have positively effected your lives.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Start with self. Do we take care of our selves, our body, our emotions, out spirit? Loving and accepting ourselves is a must to understand our lives. Next is others. When we do something for ourselves how does it impact others? We must find joy in life but not at the sacrifice of others.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
When we are faced with a personal growth opportunity, how do we react. Do we think we need help? If our issues are not a problem to ourselves are they issues to others? Is it possible we don't have all the answers? Who can you trust to talk to?Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Can you emulate some of these traits? They are willing to take the time and energy to be their best. They work hard, get up early, rarely complain, expect hard work, they study and ask questions, and they know lots of people. Listen now to learn more.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Do we stereotype people or things? Are we looking at people or things from an unchallenged negative view point that we accepted from the past as being true? Do we need to challenge those learned views? Are you passing negative stereotypes on to our children? Which stereotypes have you been categorized as? Listen to this fascinating discussion and l…
Giving others our passion to others and fire others up. When you give others our energy it can become contagious and we will feel it coming back to us. Give others our experience that can help them make their lives more meaningful.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Are you taking the steps to have friends and to be one. Friendship starts with liking ourselves, it continues with several steps including choosing your friends wisely, listening and reaching out. Learn more...Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
When we put positive actions into the world are we putting an extension of our selves out there for others? We all want to reach a goal, do a good deed, relaxing and enjoying life. How can we be the positive in our lives?Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Challenge your preconceived actions, habits and even figures of speech. Do not assume because you believe something that it is true for others? What are the appropriate boundaries in love?Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Get the most happiness out of life. Take a picture a day of something that brings you happiness. Surround yourself with joyous people. Start conversations with power leads that spark positive conversation vs venting. Stop waiting for XYZ to happy before you can be happy. Focus on the now.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
There is self confidence in general and then there is self confidence in specific situations. What we learn about ourselves growing up greatly influences our views on our selves and our self confidence.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Follow these 8 principles to remain unhappy and continue to be miserable. Change these negative patterns to be happier and more content with life. Considering these lists could change your path.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Changing behaviors can help you lead a better and more content life. 1) Need to want to change and must involve intellect, body, emotions and even your spiritual motives. 2) Knowing what specifically needs to change, what is driving our anger or our obsessions. 3) Follow through with a doable plan to create a new habit. 4) Validate out successes by…
When we look at relationships closely we see that someone or something is influencing our emotions in one way or another. Find the good in every relationship you choose to participate in. Learn to tolerate others differences as well as your own. Make your own meaningful and rewarding relationships in life.…
Re-frame and manage disappointment and aversion. See setbacks as opportunities. See failure as an event not an identity. Be open to new information and be willing to change your mind. Create a habit to motivate yourself.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
To live a life that is less reactive it is necessary to put the Ego in it's place. View situations with clarity. It takes two to do this but it has to start somewhere. This podcast looks at the Spotlight Effect, Egocentric Behavior and Self Awareness.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
How has your past influenced you? The past is there to learn from to help you get the most from the present. Do you use the present wisely? Is your present life preparing you for the future?Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
We are the ones that individually decide who we will respect. Are we respecting more people or fewer people? Is our personal criteria more stringent or are there fewer people deserving of our respect? Respect is earned not just given, yet we need to give respect to receive respect. Respect does not necessarily require agreement.…
What concerns can you talk out with your confident? Are they a sounding board or an adviser? Find potential solutions, relieve concerns and stress while building trust with a confidant. Confidentiality and trust are key.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
Realistically, we all like the positive feelings of expressing validation. This validation includes those from our children, our spouse, our friends, our boss and our co-workers. Do you give validation to others? We should.Dr. Mike Mayer - Psychologist による
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